Molly Chester – American Orange Wheat Ale

Molly Chester American Orange Wheat Ale is a classic American Wheat Ale brewed with oranges grown right here in Moorpark at Apricot Lane Farms.

molly-chester-on-horseThe brew is named after one of Apricot Lane Farms’ founders and owners – Molly Chester. Molly Chester not only helped found Apricot Lane Farms with her husband John, she was also a traditional foods private chef, is releasing her own cookbook “The Traditional Foods Cookbook“, and can ride a horse (pictured right).

This was the first time anyone on the EBC crew had ever brewed with fruit – we never ventured into it when homebrewing. But when the opportunity came along to partner with another local Moorpark business we couldn’t pass it up. We had a great time brewing it – and Molly, John and Mallory from the farm even stopped by to help out.

It started unlike any other brew – traveling to a farm to pick oranges the weekend before the brew. We had a blast and almost wish all brew days started like this.

The following Sunday we started the brew. The first step was to wash each and every orange carefully with love and playfulness. Matt took care of that will skill and ease.
Giving the oranges some love

Giving the oranges some love

Playing with the oranges

Playing with the oranges

We couldn’t simply add the whole oranges to the brew. So Brie suited up in her brewniform, brought her cooking gear down to the brewery, and sliced, diced and chopped up the oranges in preparation for the brew.

The last unique step in the orange brew process was to add the chopped oranges to the kettle during whirlpool. Luckily the farm stopped by to help us with this delicate process.

What we ended up with was a delicious traditional American Wheat Ale with a delicious orange flavor that really highlights the locally grown oranges.

On tap starting Friday October 4th – we only brewed 60 gallons of this beer so stop on by before it’s too late. And with the small size, so everyone gets a change to try the brew, growler fills will not be available.

Apricot Lane Farms was founded in Moorpark in 2011. It is uniquely a bio-dynamic farm – meaning they try to mimic nature in their farming to create a fully sustainable farm. The foods raised and grown on their farm are nurtured without the use of pesticides, soy, hormones or other chemical inputs. Be sure to check them out at

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