Barrel Aged Helga

On tap starting this Saturday – Barrel Aged Helga!
We took our Helga Belgian Tripel and aged it in oak barrels for two and a half months.

The end result is an amazingly complex beer with hints of bourbon, vanilla, and spice from the barrels adding to the already complex Belgian yeast’s fruity, spicy and clove-like flavors.

So everyone gets a chance to try it, no growler fills are available for this limited release brew.

Barrel aged Helga comes in at 8.9% ABV, but drinks like a beer at 5%. One needs to be careful when drinking this beer – funny things can happen. Funny things like the Brew Chief thinking he could write a poem about a beer instead of a recipe for a beer after sampling a little too much Helga. Turns out, poetry is not his thing. However, without further ado, EBC presents to you:

An Ode To Helga

There once was a time where a golden beer flowed,
from taps to glass in the tasting room night.
Alas one day the tap ran dry like an old dirt road,
and beer lovers all around were sad at the sight.

Oh how we miss this golden Helga beer.
Sadly all we can do is pray it to return.
But wait, what is this I hear?
The great Helga is back to take care of our yearn!

Helga is back!
Barrel aged this time.
On whiskey barrels she’s aged sitting on a rack,
we have to agree that she sounds mighty fine.


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