Black Spur – Black Saison

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes for selecting our next brews?

In short, it involves someone arguing for one beer (say a Black IPA). It also involves someone else arguing for another beer (say a repeat brew of Golden Spur). At some point during this argument, a moment of clarity is reached, eyes lock and the beer is decided upon – often times as some sort of compromise (say a Black Saison). This is generally followed by a high-five or handshake accord.

black-spiderman This is in fact what transpired on our brew floor about a month ago. And now we’re excited to release a dark twist on Golden Spur – Black Spur. Just think Black Spiderman vs. normal Spiderman, but instead of evil you have roasted malt.

Don’t let the dark color fool you; this beer is still light and crisp like Golden Spur. It smells and tastes almost exactly the same as Golden Spur, but in the finish you get a mellow chocolate & caramel roasted flavor.

Available starting this Friday. And, while we have Golden Spur still available, be sure to order both side by side to see the differences. Cheers!


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