Brother Joseph Belgian Strong Ale Release

This weekend we’re releasing Brother Joseph Belgian Strong Ale. The brew has moderate spicy and ester flavors from the Belgian Strong Ale yeast, caramel and raisin flavors from the malt, and a noticeable wine character and sweet vanilla overtones from the medium toast French oak Syrah barrel. To round out the flavor profile, the brew was blended with some Valkyrie Altbier which re-fermented slightly on the Belgian Ale yeast.

Brother Joseph Belgian strong ale tap

The name has a long history in our brewery. Many years ago when we just started seriously getting into homebrew and craft beers, Chief Joe constantly requested that the brewery brew a Belgian ale. However, at the time, Commander Matt and Captain Chris still had not acquired a great taste for Belgian beer. Despite this, every time the three sat down to discuss what to brew next – Chief Joe kept bringing up a Belgian Ale.

Finally one day Captain Chris and Commander Matt had enough. “If we brew a Belgian Ale, will you stop pestering us to brew one every single time we try and figure out our next brew!”

Chief Joe eagerly agreed to the terms and thus was born our first Belgian beer – Silence of the Chief.

But, a funny thing happened when that beer was brewed. Matt and Chris actually though it was good – pretty damn good. And in fact, from that brew forward, they started suggesting Belgian brews as well.

And so, stemming from that fateful brew, the EBC brings to you Brother Joseph’s Belgian Strong Ale. Named after the Brew Chief himself and his never ending quest for a good EBC Belgian brew.

Brother Joseph Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 10.1% | IBU: 33
SG: 1.082 | FG: 1.006

German Pilsner
American 2-Row
German Munich Dark
Belgian Special B



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  1. Looks like a visit to the local brewery is on the agenda for this weekend.

  2. Nimai says:

    2 new brews, the Roggenweizen, and now Brother Joseph Belgian Strong Ale. This new house is keep me away from EBC brews! Hoping to stop in soon.

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