Get Your Summer Beer Here

Sunny. Hot. In need of a refreshing beer?! The EBC Summer Beer is here – just in time for the last weekend of summer!

Celebrate Labor Day in style – with a keg ($55 5-gallon) or growler ($12 fill) of our summer seasonal – Captain’s Summer Session.

Having a BBQ? Want a keg but don’t have a tap? Don’t Fret! BevMo rents keg taps – as do many local liquor stores. A keg of Captain’s Summer Session is a perfect fit for your Labor Day BBQ.

Going to a Labor Day party and don’t know what to bring, why not fill up a growler of Captains Summer Session and be the life of any party.

This beer is crisp. This beer is refreshing. And above all, this beer is tasty. Pick some up at the brewery this weekend!

Friday 7pm-9pm
Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sunday Noon – 5pm

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

About the Captain’s Summer Session
American Blonde Ale – ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 28

The term Session Ale originates from World War I. Session refers to two drinking periods shell production works had during the day. The sessions were 11am to 3pm and 7pm to 10pm. During these short 4 hour periods, workers wanted a beer that they could drink without getting drunk before returning to shell production.

The backbone of our recipe was created two summers ago. We were digging up the backyard to plant some hop rhizomes on a typical Moorpark hot sunny Saturday afternoon. Of course, while planting hops we wanted to enjoy some of our homebrew – however all we had at the time was a thick Imperial Stout. So, craving something refreshing and tasty, we brewed the Captain’s Summer Session. And the name, well Captain Chris Enegren is always yelling at brewery personnel to get back to work, so it seemed fitting. Luckily, unlike WWI shell producers, we can drink on the job.

American 2-Row
Wheat Malt
Biscuit Malt


Starting Gravity: 1.045
Final Gravity: 1.008

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