Imperial Roggen Weizen Release

We’re releasing a new beer this weekend – an Imperial Roggen Weizen!

imperial roggen weizen

Now you might be asking, “what the heck is an Imperial Roggen Weizen?” That’s a good question. A roggen weizen is a beer style you don’t see too often (or at all).

However, you’re probably familiar with Hefeweizen style beer. As you may know – this is a German wheat beer brewed with a unique yeast that creates strong banana and clove flavors.

Another beer German beer style you may be less familiar with is a Roggenbier. This is similar to a hefeweizen, but a little darker in color and instead of wheat, rye malt is used. They rye imparts a slight spicy flavor that isn’t present in the hefeweizen that complements the banana and clove flavors well.

So, a Roggen Weizen is a Rye Wheat beer. And, it’s imperial because it’s 7.5% ABV. And it’s on tap starting this weekend. Cheers!

Imperial Roggen Weizen
ABV: 7.5% | IBU: 18.1
SG: 1.074 | FG: 1.018

German Pilsner Malt
Munich Malt
Wheat Malt
Rye Malt



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  1. It’s not my favorite. I’m just being honest. But I don’t like wheat beers in general. So by all means try it. Just leave me some of that delicious nightmare beer.

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