La Fleur De Mars Release

If you happen to still be alive on 12/21/12 at 7pm, we’re celebrating in style at the brewery with an official Christmas/End of The World party.

Think the Mayans were right and Friday is going to be our last day on Earth? Stop on by the brewery with a tin foil hat.

Think the Mayan story is bogus and you’re looking forward to the celebration of the birth of Jesus? Put on your favorite ugly Christmas sweater or Santa hat and head on over to the brewery.

Regardless of what you’re celebrating, we’re excited to announce our long anticipated release of La Fleur de Mars. A Belgian red ale aged on smoked chili peppers – this smoky/fiery beer is the perfect drink to enjoy while waiting for the second coming.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brew, this beer is based entirely off of a nightmare Captain Chris Enegren had after a long brew day. Here is the story, in his own words:


It was a clear, dark night – a brew night. A crisp fall breeze passed through the air as the drone of brewery pumps and a roaring boil carried us onward into the wee hours of the morning. Weary from the long day’s work, I stepped out into the alleyway to gather my thoughts… to just stop for a minute and leave the machine behind. I gazed up into the dark abyss of the night. Thousands of bright stars filled the sky and the moon cast an eerie glimmer across the slowly passing clouds resembling a convoy of ghost ships.

At that very moment everything seemed to stop. Chilled, I rubbed my hands together for warmth, and just as I was about to turn back to the brewery, a lone meteor shot across the sky. A beautiful sight – then another, then a third, all coming from the same origin. I had never seen anything quite like that before. Then it happened. Randomly throughout the sky, in rapid bursts of three, meteors began to appear. It was a magnificent spectacle that immediately turned frightening. Terrified, but unable to turn away, I called to my brother. A second later he was standing right beside me. He stood calmly, emotionless. He stood there as if he knew something – something I didn’t. And for that one very second I looked away, I found him staring at me. I was too shocked for words, and it took a few seconds for him to say something that I, for one, had never heard before. Something I would never forget. And as the chills spread throughout my body, he softly spoke the words: “La Fleur de Mars.”

I gasped. He nodded. I turned back to the terror in the sky. He walked slowly back to tend to the kettle, and just then the meteors began to burn up in the atmosphere, raining down a hot shower of cosmic dust. I shielded my eyes and felt it burning my legs and arms. And just before I couldn’t take any more………I awoke in my bed.

At work the next day, I didn’t think much about it, or at least no more than I think about the various strange dreams I have had in the past. However, I did remember the phrase Matt spoke; “La Fleur de Mars.” I had no idea what it meant and decided to translate it. As soon as I saw the translated phrase – “The Flower of Mars,” a sudden chill came over me. That’s when I thought to myself, “That’s a wicked awesome beer name.”

Not only did that have to become a name of a beer, but I had to translate the story into a beer recipe. I called Joe, the Brew Chief, and preempted the conversation with the all too normal statement, “This is going to sound strange and a little crazy.” I told him the story and we began to break it down into a beer recipe. We picked Saison yeast for the French name. And for “Mars,” we chose to head in the direction of red color. And finally for the hot meteor dust, we picked smoked chili peppers.

It was a night terror. Sometimes we have bad dreams. Sometimes we see strange things in our sleep. But other times, although rarely, we see things that seem just a little bit too real or just a little too vivid to be plainly brushed off as a side effect of eating too much chocolate before bed.

And there you have it – a night terror turned into an interesting beer and one solid step in the direction of the looney bin for Chris.

Chris Enegren


6 Responses to “La Fleur De Mars Release”

  1. Fireman Dave says:

    C’mon… who hasn’t had the meteor shower dust burning the skin brother coming up with a cool beer name dream?

  2. …I feel fine. I hope to stop by, Le fleur will be available in growlers, oui?

  3. Nimai Kearney says:

    Very looking forward to try this one.

  4. Robby S says:

    Stopped by to taste the La Fleur de Mars… spicy and delish! Good work, boys!

  5. Jeff J says:

    I hope there’s still some left?!

  6. Best nightmare I ever tasted.

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