Myrtle – The 10L Keg

Once upon a time (last Tuesday) we bought a 10L keg. No one is really sure why – but the current theory is we bought it to make our other kegs look much bigger. We named it Myrtle.

Regardless of the reason, we had to come up with a use for it. Becki, our unofficial brewery intern (aka brewtern), decided it would best be served protecting the brewery – as a zombie weapon.

So she sat down and drew up battle plans to defend the brewery. Sure the keg drawn is the wrong style, some limbs might not be correct proportions, and “zombie” might be abbreviated – but overall it’s a darn good battle plan.

myrtle the 10L stainless steel keg


2 Responses to “Myrtle – The 10L Keg”

  1. Kathy Enegren says:

    Looking forward to meeting Myrtle this weekend

  2. Nimai says:

    I’m just waiting to see a LCD with a running loop of episodes of the Walking Dead playing in the brewery.

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