Bathroom Upgrade Part II

Remember Bathroom Upgrade Part I from back in December? Yeah, we hardly do either.

We do know our bathroom started out something like this:

And ended up something like this:

finished brewery bathroom

And so we shall tell you a story: The Three EBC Brewers and the Little Bathroom that Could.

Once upon a time there was a warehouse bathroom that needed to turn into a brewery bathroom. The first step was to remove all the old warehouse material.


Next the three EBC removed the toilet, sink and had the walls fixed up. It was already beginning to look more like a brewery bathroom.

unfinished brewery bathroom

And so the three EBC Brewers headed to Home Depot to buy some good looking floor and wall tile. Grey floor tile to match the EBC grey, and white tiles for the walls.

Dave, from the fire department, was on hand again to help us out – fortunately he’s tiled before. And so the tiling began. First we found a straight line pointing across the room from the doorway. Room’s aren’t always square – and ours was no exception. So a straight line starting where people enter the room makes the tile look straight.

setting the tile line

Next up we laid out the tile across the whole bathroom floor. This is not only used to measure out our tile cuts, but also to make sure we have enough tile.

laying out tile

With the tile laid out the brewery crew began to cut into the tile like a logger cuts into a tree. The first tile is always the trickiest, but once one get’s the first tile right it can be used as a basis for the remaining tile cuts. Commander Matthew got the hang of it real quick.

matt cutting tile

We added the newly cut tile to the floor to make sure it all fit – and so we began gluing the tile to the floor – starting with the straight line we laid out first.

matt laying tile

One often sees professional tilers wearing knee pads when tiling. Matt soon found out why and Chief Joe was there to relieve him. The two switched off to complete tiling the floor and the sanitary coving (we may or may not have had to cut a few extra tiles to make it line up correctly…)

tile without grout

Next up for the crew is to install grout onto the tile. Dave and Brie took care of this job and after it was dry we moved toward installing the FRP. Yeah, FRP. After a long tiling day we decided to return the wall tile and buy FRP instead. This saved the brewery $10.

tile with grout

In order to measure and cut the FRP, we had to remove the sink and toilet water valves. This involves shutting of the water. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know we had some new piping put in. With new piping comes new valves and with new valves comes a bit of confusion.

No one is really sure exactly what transpired – except that Captain Chris is the one who opened the water valve – but the water valves were removed, the water was turned on, and Dave got soaking wet. Head to toe, down to the underwear soaking wet. Luckily, as a fireman, he’s used to it.

Needless to say he had to leave to change – leaving us alone to FRP the walls. And so, after figuring out how the water worked, Chris got to work on cutting the FRP.

chris cutting frp

After the cuts were made we used some adhesive caulking to glue the FRP to the wall. FRP is kinda a pain in the neck in that it always seems to have trouble sticking to the wall. Luckily we found some perfect sized metal and wood poles to brace the walls against themselves so they are pressed to the wall. This created a perfect seal and the FRP went on great.

frp wall up

While the FRP was drying we proceeded to install the toilet. We bought a new toilet gasket and sealed the toilet to the ground over it. Hooked it up to the water and turned it back on (without getting anyone wet). Matt was kind enough to test it for us all.

matt testing toilet

The next day Dave came back, dry and with a good sense of humor, and helped us install the sink. This went on easy – we just had to make sure it was installed 12 inches below the top of the FRP. We have it 14 inches to be on the safe side.

I think I can, I think I can chanted the bathroom with the sink installed. And the Little Bathroom that Could was transformed into a beautiful bathroom fit for a king – or anyone who likes a good beer.

finished brewery bathroom

4 Responses to “Bathroom Upgrade Part II”

  1. Joe's Mom says:

    That bathroom is a thing of beauty! Congrats on a job well done.

  2. Mom of brewers Chris and Matt says:

    Definitely fit for brewers, great job. Just one more craft to add to the resume! Thanks to Dave

  3. raven says:

    Great job guys. Is there another one with like 5 urinals?

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