Grain Pulley

Since we don’t have an auger, our mash-in procedure requires filling buckets with crushed grain and dumping them into the mash. These buckets can get heavy (50+ lbs), making dumping difficult.

The old way of adding grain into the mash involved lifting the buckets above our head and dumping the grain into the mash tun. This was bad on our backs as illustrated below:

old school grain dumping

Concerned with the overwhelming possibility of hurting our backs, we installed a pulley system to do all the lifting for us. This saves our backs as seen in the below diagram while testing our system.

new grain dumping

And so our backs were saved, thanks to the miracle of the pulley. Here’s the pulley in action on brew day:

Grain Pulley from Joe Nascenzi on Vimeo.

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  1. Nimai says:

    Don’t know why, but something about this video reminds me of a Charlie Chaplin, or Buster Keaton film. Just need it to be black & white, and set to some old piano music, lol.

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