Operation Dirty Green – May Update

Like an iconic movie, our first brewery tour needed a sequel. On May 18th Chris Enegren gave a month-two tour to cap off American Craft Beer Week. Chris followed Matt’s recipe for brewery tours with a quick lesson on the current brewery so that the expansion could be fully appreciated.

Once everyone had reached the future home of Enegren Brewing, Chris pressed his trusty foil into service in lieu of a laser pointer. Plans with fresh approval stamps had been affixed to the wall so that Captain Chris had pictures in addition to words to share the vision for the new brewery with those in attendance.

The brewery is starting to look cleaned up – work this week was focused on the ceiling. New reflective new reflective insulation & a fresh coat of paint really spruced things up!

Final building approvals with the city passed this week and with any luck we’ll soon have pictures of a concrete saw in action for you next week.

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