Operation Frosty Box II

This past weekend Enegren Brewing Company completed ‘Operation Frosty Box II.’

What happened to ‘Operation Fosty Box I’ you may ask. Well let me tell you, Operation Frosty Box I dates back to our homebrew days when we needed temperature controlled fermentation to practice for commercial brewing. And so we spent weeks constructing our fermentation chamber. If any homebrewer would like plans, you can download them here.

fermenting chamber frame

fermenting chamber built up

securing fermenting chamber insulation

finished fermenting chamber

Operation Frosty Box II was a little more expensive, a little bigger, a little heaver and a little more prefabricated. Once again,we over estimated the easiness of the project.

Luckily we had help in the form of Chris’ girlfriend’s father Firefighter Dave. He burst through the front door and let us know: “I’m from the Fire Department and I’m here to help you.”

ac unit unpacked ac unitac unit cut prep

And so with his expertise, we were able to get most of the fridge done in one day. All that was left was some wiring and caulking it to the floor.

We learned a lot from building this walk in cooler:

  1. There is no need to secure the wood screed to the floor. All it does is make dents in the concrete and frustrated brewers.
  2. Taping the outline of the desired location of the fridge on the floor ensures straight angles.
  3. Measure twice and cut once works most of the time, but sometimes you have to measure 4 times and cut twice.
  4. A level fridge is a happy and stable fridge.
  5. It does not get colder in the fridge before it’s turned on.
  6. Lifting a ~250lb AC unit up 8 feet takes more than just 3 people.
planning the daymatt securing the topcold already
chris cutting
ac compressor attachedsetting up the pannels

We can’t turn the walk in cooler on until it’s inspected and approved. It’s got great acoustics, so we decided to make use of it.

fridge is a stage


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  1. Mom of brewers says:

    Love it!

  2. Nimai Kearney says:

    Now it just needs to be filled with previous elixir.

  3. Andrew Piccardo says:

    That is amazing! I want one in my garage. How expensive does something like that cost to construct?

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