Operation Seal: Sealing The Brewery Floor – Part 2

Operation Seal – Part 1

After finishing the degreaser, the EBC crew prepped for the next step – etching the floor. Like with all acid products, safety was a top priority. And so we donned the standard EBC acid safety equipment. Brewer Safety Equipment
This includes goggles, face mask, gloves, brewniform, brewboots and a caution sign. These are all outlined neatly in our convenient infographic to the left – in case you wondered where we wore each piece of equipment.

We mixed the concrete etching solution with equal parts water and began applying it to the floor. Floor application, we thought, was pretty straight forward. Spread etching solution over the floor and spread it out evenly. Scrub into floor with scrubbers to help the reaction and let sit.

The acid was cool and foamed white on contact. It also smelled exactly like candied hearts.

So we scrubbed it in, let it sit, and then did a total washdown to remove all the acid and let sit to dry.

applying the etching solution

We took a break outside the brewery to catch a breath of fresh air as the floor dried – congratulating each other on a job well done. We came back to the brewery and saw something not entirely unlike a camouflaged floor.

messed up floor etching

At first we tried to talk ourselves into that the floor was okay. That it was some cool new hipster floor or that no one would notice it. But then we realized it probably means it wasn’t etched everywhere and that the sealant wouldn’t apply too well – regardless of how hipster it was.

So we called up Peter Stevens (again) to explain the situation. And yep, we had to do it again.

This time we added a little more water to the floor before applying the etching solution so the acid, when applied, spread over the floor evenly. We also used synthetic mops this time…they helped.

etching the floor again

And again we cleaned the floor to remove the acid and went outside to catch a breath of fresh air – crossing our fingers that it worked this time.

Success! When we returned to the brewery the floor was etched. We were ready to let the floor dry overnight and apply the first coat of sealant the next day.

The Sealant
We arrived at the brewery the next morning to find the floor dry. Like our previous steps, we figured this one would be easy. Just apply the coat and let it dry.

And so we donned the standard EBC sealant safety equipment – which happens to be the same as our standard EBC acid safety equipment and got to work.

ready to apply sealant

applying concrete sealant

And, believe it or not it went on great! It went so smoothly we thought for sure we did something wrong. Luckily, all was good and later that week, on his lunch break, Chris applied the second coat.

All we then had to do was sit back and let it dry.

And so, after delays, mess-ups, do-overs and even a few mulligans, Operation Seal was complete.


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