Plumbing Installation

Today began our first major brewery construction project. Unlike our other brewery improvement projects, the intent for this project wasn’t to make the brewery prettier, it was to make it functional and prettier.

Cuttin’ Stone
The most excitement the brewery has seen since Painting Day Part I. At 7am sharp a few saw guys (official term) from Pacific Concrete in Simi Valley arrived with a very large and very loud saw. They cut the floor in preparation to install pipes and floor drain. The floor was cut into about 80lb cement blocks that could easily be removed. This took about two hours.

cuttin the brewery floorBrewery Stone Blocks

In Search of Pipe
Next we needed to locate our sewer pipe. Funny thing is, no one seemed to know where it was. Large holes were dug with shovel and jackhammer in search of the pipe. But after many hours, no pipe was found.

In Search of Pipe

And so the holistic pipe locator crew was called in. The two person crew (Brew Captain Chris and his girlfriend Brie), one armed with a stethoscope & the other with the ability to move levers, attempted a risky Sound Localization maneuver. While Chris repeatedly flushed the toilet, Brie listened with her keen ears in attempt to locate the pipe. No dice.

And so the digging resumed.

Will the pipe be found? Will holistic methods prove effective? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Plumbing Installation!

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