Super Work Day

And so it was, on the day of April 2nd, 2011, the brewery had a Super Work Day.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Perfect Storm, you have a good idea what it takes to make a Super Work Day. It’s a rare combination of skill, manpower, pizza and determination.

This rare combination included the following:
– The three brewers (Chris, Matt and Joe)
– Dave Braun (helper extraordinaire)
– Bill Lloyd (professional cabinetmaker, bar builder & craft beer fan)
– Mark Sternberg (beer and brewery fan)
– Kathy and Brad Enegren (parents to Chris and Matt)
– Brie Braun (Chris’ Girlfriend)
– Pizza from Brick Oven Cafe

And so we split into teams to tackle the Health Department list, build a bar and beautify the brewery.

Brad quickly got to work on fixing the gap underneath one of our doors.

Brad with Door Brush

Meanwhile Kathy and Brie cleaned the windows, installed the bathroom mirror and worked on other odds and ends.

Kathy Cleaning Windows

Mark and Bill installed the self closing door on the bathroom which we managed to forget to take a picture of.

Bill and Dave focused on the bar. The two of them were able to build the framework for something spectacular.

Bar Frame

Dave and Bill Building Bar

Chris, Mark and Joe got to work on installing the all important tap system.

Chris soldering pipe

Joe, head drain tester, tested the tap drain to his fullest ability

Joe Testing Drain

It worked.
Drain Working

And so the day progressed, installing things here and cutting things there. We were able to cross off many a list item.

Crossing Off the list

With the day ended we had to test out our newly built bar. Well, technically it was still just a bar frame. But it worked for a celebratory drink with all who helped.

testing the bar

Left side, back to front: Mark, Joe. Right side, back to front: Chris, Brad, Dave, Matt & Bill

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  1. Scenz says:

    looks awesome

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