Brewery Design #2

Just a few upgraded brewery designs for our 3bbl commercial system. Most notably different from the first design is moving the mash pump closer to the mash tun to improve pumping. This also allowed to move our heat exchanger to the left of the Lauter Tun, making the piping less convoluted. One step closer to buying this puppy.

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  2. JC says:

    How are you planning to fire the 3bbl system? I’m designing a 5bbl system w/ natural gas burners, but want to be sure I’m at least in the right ballpark w/ appropriately sizing my burners. Dont’ want to sit around all day waiting for the strike water to come up to temp, or have a less than vigorous boil. also don’t want to waste fuel or reduce the lifespan of my brewery w/ oversized burners.
    cheers, JC @trillium brewing company

  3. admin says:

    Hi JC,

    We are planning on using a Power Burner to heat the Mash/Kettle, I don’t know the exact BTU rating though. It’s basically a big blower and a burner combined and is what is usually used on commercial direct fired systems as well a kilns. It also differs from the basic home-brew direct fired kettles in that the power burner fires into an enclosed firebox that is exhausted into a stack opposed to having open flames under the tank.

    We will be building our brewery through Premier Stainless. I basically drew up the models based on their standard 3 BBL kettle and Mash Tun and designed the piping routes. I didn’t do any calculations or design on the burner system since it’s basically an “off the shelf item.”


    Chris Enegren

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