Brewery Layout and Floor Plans – Initial Setup Design

The Brew Captain created a 3D model of our brewery in Solid Works. We use this brewery layout and floor plan to:

a) Develop the most efficient brewery layout.
b) Show our brewery to government officials to help pass regulation before starting construction.
c) Helps get accurate cost estimates for plumbing and other installations.
d) Help spec out accurate costs for all equipment needed.
e) Looks cool.

The Captain also created a labeled 2D floor plan areal view to put everything in perspective. (In PDF format here: Brewery Equipment Layout/Floor Plan )

3D Brewery Layout and Floor Plans:

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2 Responses to “Brewery Layout and Floor Plans – Initial Setup Design”

  1. anna says:

    In the process of creating a brewery for my thesis project. What program was used for the creation of these blocks? Are these available online for download?

  2. Jeff says:

    Great stuff mate, but the link to your PDF is a bit off, should be:

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