Brewery Department of Health Inspection #1

Our brewery had its first inspection by the Department of Health. They check to make sure we have the right sinks, tile, floor, etc. We were a little worried that something would be horribly wrong and we’d have to redo something. Although that would have made a good blog post, we certainly didn’t want it to happen.

As it turns out, apparently we do pretty good work. We even were complemented on our coving tile. However, there were a couple of minor infractions that we had to fix up. Some of them we knew of beforehand, but wanted further guidance on before installing. Others we did not know about. See if you can guess which ones we knew about. (HINT: Installing beer taps was one we knew about).

  1. Seal sinks to wall with silicon and screws
  2. Provide a mop / broom holder
  3. Install Light bulb
  4. Install soap and paper towel dispensers
  5. Self closing device on bathroom door
  6. Vermin proof all exterior doors
  7. Install beer taps and drip tray drain
  8. Provide storage racks

So, tools in hand, list on the cooler, we were ready to attack the list with full force.
taking care of deh list


2 Responses to “Brewery Department of Health Inspection #1”

  1. Nimai says:

    Not sure if this should be the poster for the movie “Beerbusters” or “Lethal Weapon 5: the beer effect” 🙂 either way, nice work guys, glad things went relatively smooth.

  2. Ken says:

    So how many brew masters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

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