Submitted Plans to the Department of Health

Last week we submitted our brewery plans to the Department of Health.

In Ventura County, beer is treated as a food, and as such, all plans need to go through the DEH (despite our many attempts with both county and state officials to be treated as wineries in Ventura County or breweries in other parts of California).

We were a little self conscious when we arrived because we only had an 11×17 floor plan and everyone else had huge poster boards. There was no size requirement posted, but to the best of our knowledge, others just felt bigger was better.

The way it goes is that they put a pink paper on the plans if it passes and yellow if it needs corrections. Crossing our fingers for pink!

Chris Signing Form

Captain Christopher signing the DEH form

Matt at DEH

Here's Commander Matthew holding our recipt - $732 bucks

We apologize for the poor photos, Captain earned a new title the other day: Supreme Breaker of Cameras.


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