TTB Wall Plans

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB for short) believe it or not deals with taxes on tobacco and alcohol.

When we sent in our TTB paperwork back in December, we thought a movable chain would suffice to separate brewery from tasting area. However, after speaking to one of the TTB agents – we apparently need more than a chain.

The main reason for separation is to prevent people from stealing the untaxed beer, resulting in less tax money – tax money that is used for wonderful things like roads, cruise missiles, education and so on.

So for increased beer security… we need to add a wall.

We chose to go with a 4′ high wall and a locking door to separate the tasting area and walk-in cooler. We store the taxed beer in the cooler and the un-taxed beer on the other side of the wall in our fermentors. Furthermore, in case someone decides to actually climb over the wall, we need to either lock or remove the fermentor butterfly valve handles.

Here are some pros for this project:

  1. We get to use the ram-set gun (or concrete destroyer as we like to call it) again to fasten the wall to the concrete.
  2. We will now have a use for some security access level badges.
  3. The wall makes a nice little nook to put a lab desk or storage shelf.

Now stay tuned for the future post of “THE GREAT WALL OF TTB”

Enegren brewing ttb wall separation


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