Guest Brewer – Dean Hickman

Last weekend we brewed our Fall Seasonal, Foliage Pale Ale, for the first time since last Autumn. To commemorate this brew, we invited Dean Hickman, brewery fan and founder of The Campaign for Full Time Foliage, to brew with us.

Dean Hickman has been a strong advocate for Foliage rights. He claims that Foliage should have the same rights to be brewed year-round like its fellow brews Protector and Valkyrie. He has tried everything to convince us to correct this injustice from asking us nicely to brew it again to creating his Full Time Foliage Campaign, which included a Lego pitchfork mob demanding the beer.

And while we’re not yet completely convinced of full-time brew rights for Foliage since it is our Fall Seasonal, we were able to get Dean to brew the beer with us to help ensure we created a quality brew for him to enjoy when it’s released on September 21st.

So if you support Dean and his cause for Full Time Foliage, please visit his Facebook page and “Like” the group. We’ve told him that we’ll make a batch for him outside of the fall season if he can get an actual pitchfork mob at the brewery chanting “Full Time Foliage!” instead of just a Lego one.

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