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Captain Chris’ Belated Birthday – Beer and Food Pairing

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Due to various brewery happenings, we were unable to officially celebrate Chris’ birthday until the 5th of October – quite a few days after his real birthday on September 11th. It was, however, worth the wait.

Brie (Chris’ girlfriend) organized a cooking class/beer pairing event at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom. Paired with a couple of EBC beers, the brewery crew and friends got together to cook a meal of epic proportion.

The food was great and the beer pairing spectacular. Everyone learned a lot – how to sear and braise pork loin, make Ganache, ruin a Vanilla Saffron Sauce and more.

If you have some Valkyire or Protector on hand and feel like cooking, or just feel like making a great meal – here are the recipes: