EBC Shirts!

Our first round of shirts are here and available for sale online! Simply just use the widget below. All proceeds go to the brewery – specifically we’re hoping to get some extra cash to buy some really sweet tap handles.

6 Responses to “EBC Shirts!”

  1. Andrew Piccardo says:

    Awesome!!!! Anything I can do to help, I will do. Thanks for the shirt!

  2. Joe's Mom says:

    Bring some with you tonight – I can’t wait to wear one.

  3. Aunt Linda says:

    Are you going to have Men’s XXL? I want to get one for John and Sean, but one needs an XXL.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Aunt Linda!

    Unfortunately right now we don’t have any XXL – we hope to get some in next order in a month or so.


  5. Dave Pomerantz says:

    I cannot wait for you guys to open. I’m excited to try a delicious, locally brewed beer. I will buy a T-Shirt immediately after confirming deliciousness.

  6. Scenz says:

    haha, “EBC Swag”

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