Valkyrie CA Altbier Glasses Have Arrived

Our goal was to start offering these awhile back, but as with most art related things, the brewery is slightly challenged. We tried glassware with logos big and small, lots of text and no text, and several designs that we consider “out there.”

But in the end we ended with a simple glass based on traditional German and Irish glassware.

valkyrie altbier glass

The glass is available for sale starting this Friday (Nov 18th) for $6.

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3 Responses to “Valkyrie CA Altbier Glasses Have Arrived”

  1. Brendan Russi says:

    That is one classy glass!

  2. Fireman Dave says:

    Now that I know it exists, I can’t live without one… or two… maybe three… okay, four tops.

  3. Pat Nascenzi says:

    This has Christmas gift written all over it!

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