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EBC 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

As we approach being open for one year at our new location, our Christmas and New Year’s break gave us time to reflect on the past year and what we want to focus on in 2016. As we sat at the brewery one cold morning, trying to keep warm, the first of many resolutions for the new year came to us easily.

Tasting Room Heater
First up on 2016 improvements is to install a heating system in the brewery tasting room. The rudimentary heating device (aka fire) we first conceived almost burnt the brewery down, so we contacted an HVAC company who can install a brand new heater in the tasting room to help keep everyone warm and the building un-burned down.

At EBC we promise a beer in every glass, a fire on every table

At EBC we promise a beer in every glass, a fire on every table

Pilot Brew System

lucy and fermentor

Cuteness overload

Ever since we opened back in 2011, we’ve wanted to get our 10-gallon home-brewery back-up and running. Not only for fun and nostalgia, but also to brew pilot batches at the brewery. This would enable us to hone in a recipe before brewing it large scale, and allow us to experiment with new hops and other ingredients.

So in 2016, we plan to finally get our home-brewery back up and running. We just purchased a new glycol-jacketed 10-gallon stainless steel frementor and will get our home-brewery back in action over the next few months.

Sell off Old Fermentors
While we’ll be sad to see them go, we’ve started to sell off our old 6- and 7-barrel fermentors to replace them with three 15-barrel fermentors. Not only will this cut down on the amount of work we need to do on 15-barrel brews, but it will also reduce the tank-footprint in our brewery giving us more space.

Expand Tasting Room
With the additional room from selling off our old fermentors, we’ll be able to rope off space on the brewery floor to add additional seating capacity when not brewing. As we see it, there’s no better place to enjoy a beer than with friends next to the stainless steel machinery that brewed it!

Expand Barrel Aging Program
2015 was focused on getting our new brewery up and running smoothly and staring to expand distribution. While we will continue to focus on that in 2016, we also plan to focus more energy on expanding our barrel program. This will allow us to start releasing more barrel aged beers – both on tap and in bottles.

A beer in a barrel is worth two in a fermentor

A beer in a barrel is worth two in a fermentor

Expand Bottle Program
2015 saw the launch of Valkyrie and Foliage in 22oz bottles – which you can now buy in local shops and restaurants. In 2016 we plan to greatly expand our bottle offerings. This will include bottling our other year round beers, Protector and Lunch Pale, plus each of our seasonals – starting with Golden Spur in the spring. We’ll also begin to bottle special release beers as they become available.

So there you have it – our 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for the brewery. We’re ready for another amazing year!

More Beer for All!

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Since we opened our new brewery back in January, we’ve been brewing like crazy to keep up with demand and release new and awesome beers to share with you all.

And since then, we’ve had a lot of great milestones to propel us forward to spread the glory and power of beer across the land.

  • In April – we introduced and filled the first crowler at the brewery, revolutionizing beer-to-go in Ventura County. They have since made it to the top of Mt. Whitney (thanks Noel)!
  • In July – we bottled our first batch of Valkyrie. Sure we had to stamp each bottle by hand, but man was it awesome to start seeing our beer in local shops.
  • In August – we got our first 30BBL bright tank, expanding our production capacity.
  • In September – we signed on with the Craft Beer Guild to help us distribute our beer from the OC up to Santa Barbara.

And now we’re excited to announce our biggest change yet – 2 new 30 BBL ferementors and 1 new 30 BBL bright tank! With these new tanks, we’ll be able to bottle more beers, get into more local bars, and bring more people together over a delicious pint to celebrate life.

And so, we introduce to you the newest ladies at the brewery: Brianne, Olivia and Susan!

Susan, mother of John Bird – Master of Festivities at the brewery – finishes off the Mom fermentor row.

Brianne (Chris’ wife) & Olivia (John’s wife) start the beginning of a new fermentor row – the wife row!

Be sure to say hi to them next time you’re at the brewery – your next beer could be from them!

Christening Lagertha & Our First Brew

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Like all our tanks, the mighty 15 bbl brewery Lagertha needed to be christened before she was used for brewing.

Brie’s voice rang clear across the brewery on the chilly December morning as we christened Lagertha moments before our first mash-in.

After a tiring 27-hour brew day for the first brew on our 3-BBL system, we prepared ourselves for the worst as grain and water filled our new mash tun. However, much to our surprise, things went incredibly smoothly during our first brew-day and a 15 BBL batch of Contradiction Black IPA is now fermenting away happily in our brewery!

We all agreed that a victory cigar at 10pm after a finished brew was way better than a “victory” cigar at 5am while the brew was still boiling after 20 hours of brewing.


And so began brewing on our new brewery. Named after a fierce Viking shieldmaiden, she is well equipped to take us forward to share the glory and power of beer to all the land.