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One Giant Leap for Brew Kind

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Valkyrie 22oz Bottle Label
We took a giant leap forward at the brewery last week – 15 BBLs of Valkyrie bottled into 22oz bottles!

Now, we’ve done some bottling before, but this usually involved a hand-held beer gun, a 500 bottle max, and a few “work beers.”

batch 100 bottling line 2

Hand bottling Batch 100 bottles, work beers – March 2014

This time, for the first time ever, we used an automatic bottling machine! For our first run, we called in a mobile bottling unit, or MBU for short. The MBU saved us from having to hand-bottle 15 barrels of beer – but we quickly learned it wasn’t all sugar plums and fairies.

First, the thing about the MBU is, while they are made to work with every brewery, they are not made to work with one brewery particularly well. So it took us well over an hour to hook the system up and get it running.

Secondly, the biggest learning pain was, that despite checking before getting our brand-spanking-new labels printed, the bottled-on date machine didn’t work with our labels. So, much to Chris’ enjoyment, he got to hand-stamp each of the 2600+ bottles we filled.
So, keep your eyes peeled – not only are these new, hand-stamped, Valkyrie bottles available for sale at the brewery for $6.50 – but are also coming to a store near you!