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Sent in Brewery Specs

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Sent our brewery specs in today to Premier Stainless. We’ll be working back and forth for a few weeks making sure everything in our order is built exactly as designed. Here are the specs we sent over: custom 3bbl brewery order

Brewery Equipment, Plumbing, Electrical & Accessibility

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Brew Captain put together specs for our brewery equipment, brewery plumbing and brewery electrical equipment to quickly show city planners, contractors, etc. our plans.

Check it out (in pdf format): Enegren Brewery Equipment, Plumbing, Electrical & Accessibility

Brewery Drawings & Parts

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Some more drawings of our brewery that Chris slaved over.  Below is the brewery overview, parts list, overview with numbers that correspond to the parts list & and some awesome drawings of our mixers (though the latur tun rake will not be included in our final brewery purchase – at such small scale they add little to efficiency.)