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Crowlers – The Next Great Thing in Craft Beer

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Over the past couple weeks, EBC Scientists have been hard at work trying to identify a fill-on-demand 32oz container that showed up at our brewery. Is it a growler? Is it a can? We were stumped.


Is that a can or a growler?

After many tests we finally figured it out. The answer may surprise you.

Is it a Growler?

  • We quickly found that, like a growler, the mystery container could be filled and sealed on demand.
  • After many tests, we also discovered that we could fill it with all the same beers on tap that we could fill a normal growler with.
  • We also noticed that once opened, the beer inside the container could be enjoyed.

After these first few tests, we were nearly convinced that the container was a growler. However, to be thorough we also ran some tests to determine if it was indeed a can.

Is it a Can?

  • Webster defines “can” as “a closed metal container that is usually shaped like a cylinder and that holds food or drink”. Our container checks out here.
  • After many metallurgical tests, we determined conclusively that the container is indeed made of aluminum.
  • We conducted several experiments and determined that this new container can be taken to places where cans can go like golfing or the great outdoors.
  • We also noted that we were able to get 5 cents back when we turned it into the recycle station.

At this point we were pretty confused. Earlier tests clearly proved that our container was a growler. However, these more recent tests also proved that our container was a can.

A scientific and philosophical debate ensued.

crowler discussion

I think, therefore I am. But if a crowler does not think, what is it?

After much debate, discussion and, of course, drinking out of them we were finally able to come to a conclusion to the question plaguing us for days.

Is it a growler? Is it a can? The answer is YES!

Available for the first time at the brewery tasting room this Saturday – the 32oz crowler!