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Super Work Day

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

And so it was, on the day of April 2nd, 2011, the brewery had a Super Work Day.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Perfect Storm, you have a good idea what it takes to make a Super Work Day. It’s a rare combination of skill, manpower, pizza and determination.

This rare combination included the following:
– The three brewers (Chris, Matt and Joe)
– Dave Braun (helper extraordinaire)
– Bill Lloyd (professional cabinetmaker, bar builder & craft beer fan)
– Mark Sternberg (beer and brewery fan)
– Kathy and Brad Enegren (parents to Chris and Matt)
– Brie Braun (Chris’ Girlfriend)
– Pizza from Brick Oven Cafe

And so we split into teams to tackle the Health Department list, build a bar and beautify the brewery.

Brad quickly got to work on fixing the gap underneath one of our doors.

Brad with Door Brush

Meanwhile Kathy and Brie cleaned the windows, installed the bathroom mirror and worked on other odds and ends.

Kathy Cleaning Windows

Mark and Bill installed the self closing door on the bathroom which we managed to forget to take a picture of.

Bill and Dave focused on the bar. The two of them were able to build the framework for something spectacular.

Bar Frame

Dave and Bill Building Bar

Chris, Mark and Joe got to work on installing the all important tap system.

Chris soldering pipe

Joe, head drain tester, tested the tap drain to his fullest ability

Joe Testing Drain

It worked.
Drain Working

And so the day progressed, installing things here and cutting things there. We were able to cross off many a list item.

Crossing Off the list

With the day ended we had to test out our newly built bar. Well, technically it was still just a bar frame. But it worked for a celebratory drink with all who helped.

testing the bar

Left side, back to front: Mark, Joe. Right side, back to front: Chris, Brad, Dave, Matt & Bill

Brewery Department of Health Inspection #1

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Our brewery had its first inspection by the Department of Health. They check to make sure we have the right sinks, tile, floor, etc. We were a little worried that something would be horribly wrong and we’d have to redo something. Although that would have made a good blog post, we certainly didn’t want it to happen.

As it turns out, apparently we do pretty good work. We even were complemented on our coving tile. However, there were a couple of minor infractions that we had to fix up. Some of them we knew of beforehand, but wanted further guidance on before installing. Others we did not know about. See if you can guess which ones we knew about. (HINT: Installing beer taps was one we knew about).

  1. Seal sinks to wall with silicon and screws
  2. Provide a mop / broom holder
  3. Install Light bulb
  4. Install soap and paper towel dispensers
  5. Self closing device on bathroom door
  6. Vermin proof all exterior doors
  7. Install beer taps and drip tray drain
  8. Provide storage racks

So, tools in hand, list on the cooler, we were ready to attack the list with full force.
taking care of deh list

Sanitary Cove Base

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

To comply with the Department of Health sanitary regulations for our tasting area, we had to install a sanitary cove base along the bottom of the wall where our tasting area is located. We chose to extend this along our whole southern wall to waterproof it.

Chief Joe went on an emergency mid-day mission during work to pick up the title from a DEH approved tile company called B&W Tiles Co. in Gardena, CA.

buying coving tile

That Saturday, the EBC crew woke promptly at 08:00 hours to get to the brewery where we were issued roles for the day.

Commander: Head baseboard cutter/sander.
Chief: Head baseboard installer.
Captain: Head tile cutter and installer.

While Commander cut the baseboard with a razor, Chief fastened ready pieces to the base of the wall with a few screws and some adhesive caulk.

coving prep

installing baseboard

Following the Chief closely was the Captain who put the tile onto the baseboard.

The process went amazingly smoothly and we finished installing the tile onto the wall in around 6 hours. All that was left was to let dry and add the grout.

All in all, the first EBC tiling experience went well. We high-fived loudly in celebration.

DEH Drawings Approved

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Brewery Department of Health plans approved!

Now we need to submit the plans to Moorpark City Hall to get our building permit – when get that we can start cutting up the floor.

You can download/view out our DEH plans here: Brewery Department of Health Plans

Submitted Plans to the Department of Health

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Last week we submitted our brewery plans to the Department of Health.

In Ventura County, beer is treated as a food, and as such, all plans need to go through the DEH (despite our many attempts with both county and state officials to be treated as wineries in Ventura County or breweries in other parts of California).

We were a little self conscious when we arrived because we only had an 11×17 floor plan and everyone else had huge poster boards. There was no size requirement posted, but to the best of our knowledge, others just felt bigger was better.

The way it goes is that they put a pink paper on the plans if it passes and yellow if it needs corrections. Crossing our fingers for pink!

Chris Signing Form

Captain Christopher signing the DEH form

Matt at DEH

Here's Commander Matthew holding our recipt - $732 bucks

We apologize for the poor photos, Captain earned a new title the other day: Supreme Breaker of Cameras.

Three Tier Sinks!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Got three tier sinks for the brewery today. Stainless steel. Paper towel holder. Soap dispenser. The works.

buying sink

sink on head