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Crowlers – The Next Great Thing in Craft Beer

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Over the past couple weeks, EBC Scientists have been hard at work trying to identify a fill-on-demand 32oz container that showed up at our brewery. Is it a growler? Is it a can? We were stumped.


Is that a can or a growler?

After many tests we finally figured it out. The answer may surprise you.

Is it a Growler?

  • We quickly found that, like a growler, the mystery container could be filled and sealed on demand.
  • After many tests, we also discovered that we could fill it with all the same beers on tap that we could fill a normal growler with.
  • We also noticed that once opened, the beer inside the container could be enjoyed.

After these first few tests, we were nearly convinced that the container was a growler. However, to be thorough we also ran some tests to determine if it was indeed a can.

Is it a Can?

  • Webster defines “can” as “a closed metal container that is usually shaped like a cylinder and that holds food or drink”. Our container checks out here.
  • After many metallurgical tests, we determined conclusively that the container is indeed made of aluminum.
  • We conducted several experiments and determined that this new container can be taken to places where cans can go like golfing or the great outdoors.
  • We also noted that we were able to get 5 cents back when we turned it into the recycle station.

At this point we were pretty confused. Earlier tests clearly proved that our container was a growler. However, these more recent tests also proved that our container was a can.

A scientific and philosophical debate ensued.

crowler discussion

I think, therefore I am. But if a crowler does not think, what is it?

After much debate, discussion and, of course, drinking out of them we were finally able to come to a conclusion to the question plaguing us for days.

Is it a growler? Is it a can? The answer is YES!

Available for the first time at the brewery tasting room this Saturday – the 32oz crowler!

Christmas Gifts Available at the Tasting Room

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

matt-christmas-xmas-growler-cardNeed a great Christmas gift for someone who loves beer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our holiday gift cards are back on sale at the brewery, plus we’ve put together some awesome packages only available this holiday season.

Gift Cards
Available for 1L and 2L growler fills for $8 and $15 each, respectively. Perfect to pair with an empty growler.

(Note: gift cards do not come with garland, lights or Matt)

1L Growler Package
Two 1L growlers, two 1L gift card fills, and one hand-sewn grain bag growler carrier for $30 ($37.50 value).

Anniversary Ale Package
1 bottle of our EBC Mk. III Third Year Anniversary Ale, and 2 limited edition anniversary glasses for $22 ($31 dollar value).

Christmas Time Is Here

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

ebc christmas 2011

Oh, hey there Commander Matt! What are you all dressed up for and excited about?

What’s that? You have gift cards for sale at the brewery good for a 1L or 2L growler fill for $8 & $15? And they can be packaged with an empty growler if needed for an additional $8 or $15?

Wow, that’s a sweet gift. If I were an EBC blog reader, I know I would be interested in seeing 1 or 2 of those under my tree come Christmas morning.

*Garland, lights, Commander Matthew and bow tie not included.

Foliage Pale Ale

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Fall is here and so is our fall seasonal – Foliage Pale Ale.

The name Foliage constantly reminds us of 2 things:
1) Fall
2) The Simpsons

Marge: Next to Spring and Winter, Fall is my absolute favorite season. Just look at all this beautiful foilage.
Lisa: It’s not “foilage,” mom, it’s “foliage.” Foo-liage.
Marge: That’s what I said, foilage. It doesn’t take a “nucular” scientist to pronounce foilage.

The brewery crew spent weeks trying to figure out what to call the beer. We couldn’t come up with anything. As luck would have it, two of the Brew Chief’s brothers (Peter & Mike) were visiting the brewery. When asked what a good fall word was, Mike promptly said Foliage and the name stuck. As a reward, we made him work the bar.

mike filling growlers

About Foliage Pale Ale
Pale Ale – ABV: 5.2% | IBU: 40

Brewery regular Dean H. described the beer best:

Foliage is an amber coloured ale with a full bodied citrus bitterness that punches well above its weight. It’s warming sweet malty toffee flavor persists long after this tasty beverage has left your palate. This beer is the closest you’ll get to supping a classic pint of cask conditioned Bitter in a British pub without taking the 5456 mile flight to Old Blighty!

German Pilsner
Munich Malt
Melanoidin Malt

Mt. Hood

Starting Gravity: 1.051
Final Gravity: 1.012

Brew Chief, I Shrunk the Growlers

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Captain: “Brew Chief, I shrunk the growlers”
Chief: “…What?”
Captain: “And the labels too. They’re about *this* big back behind the bar”
Chief: “WHAT?!”

In an experiment gone wrong where Captain Chris was trying to increase the heat output on our kettle burner using an unusual combination of compressed air, exhaust baffles and a flux capacitor – the Captain shrunk the growlers.

At first the brewery was upset – what the heck could we do with all these tiny growlers. But after listing out the pros and cons, we quickly realized that this accident wasn’t all bad.

One can buy two and bring home two different beers
If one has two mini growlers, the beer will stay fresher longer (assuming they don’t open both at the same time).
More Compact

Holds less beer

So, thanks to Chris’ wonderful mishap, we now have 1L swing top bottles available for sale at the brewery ($8/bottle, $6-$8/fill).


(this may or may not be a story to cover up the fact that we sold a lot of growlers over Labor Day (thank you!) and tried to order more but found out they were back-ordered from Germany for a week or two)