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New Beer Release – Pants Day Double Red IPA

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

pants-day-red-ipaEveryone is familiar with our Spring IPA – Shorts Day. The beer is brewed in celebration of the transition from wearing pants in the cold-harsh SoCal winter to shorts in the spring.

But as autumn fades to winter, so too does our opportunity to wear shorts. Sure, some days we sneak on a pair, but we usually regret it as daylight begins to wane and coldness takes over.

When this happens it means that Pants Day, arch-nemesis and destroyer of Shorts Day, is here. With the much-needed rain storm last week, Pants Day has fiercely reared its head — we can no longer keep it at bay.


At the brewery starting this Wednesday night, Pants Day Double Red IPA will be available in tasters, glasses and growler-fills.

Pants Day is a beautiful red color and is the hoppiest brew we’ve concocted to date. At 8% ABV and over 4.5 lbs of hops per barrel, the brew will leave a delicious citrus, grapefruit, floral and piney hop flavor in your mouth long after the beer is finished.

While just a footnote to the hop flavor, the reddish color from CaraMunich and roasted wheat malts provide some unique malt character that add to the complexity of the brew.

ABV: 8.0% | IBU: 85
SG: 1.073 | FG: 1.013

CaraMunich III
Roasted Wheat


Riwaka Hopped Shorts Day

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

You might have noticed that Captain Chris was not at the brewery a couple weekends ago – no he was not taking a vacation, but off in New Zealand helping install a new brewery for Garage Project. They will start to distribute in small amounts to the U.S. soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.


From left to right: Jos, Chris, and Pete.

As a token of their thanks, Chris was bestowed upon a gift of great awesomeness: 10 lbs of Riwaka hops.

These New Zealand Hops, related to the Nobel Saaz Hop, have an intense grapefruit aroma and flavor. To showcase these hops – we’ve added some to nearly 30 gallons of Shorts Day IPA. This extra dry-hopped batch of Shorts Day with Riwaka hops will be on tap at the tasting room starting this Saturday, April 19th.

Moorpark Restaurant Week – Beer & Food Pairing @ The Brewery

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

2014 Moorpark Restaurant Week

On Saturday January 25th, Enegren Brewing is holding an event for Moorpark Restaurant Week. Yes – we know we’re not really a restaurant, but to compensate for our lack of restaurant-ness we’ve partnered with Moorpark based Disgustingly Delicious.

For the event, we’ve paired four of our beers with food from Disgustingly Delicious. Each beer will be served as a 4-5oz pour with an accompanying food item (think little hors d’oeuvres). The cost for the entire beer and food pairing is $12 (20% off regular price) and will be available from 12-8 that Saturday. If you’re not interested in the entire pairing – both the food and beer are available individually for $2.50/food item & $1.25/taster.

The lineup consists of:

  • Valkyrie Altbier paired with roasted cauliflower gazpacho topped with diced scallions.
  • Protector Imperial IPA paired with a Filo dough pastry with pear, prosciutto, and gorgonzola tied with green onion ribbon.
  • Contradiction Black IPA paired with Braised meatball, roasted mushroom crisps, and grilled onion spread topped on a soft baguette slice.
  • Daniel Irons Imperial Oatmeal Stout paired with flourless chocolate cake truffle coated in ganache and powered in ground 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee beans.

Happy Moorpark Restaurant Week!

Christmas at Enegren Brewing Company

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

This Saturday Custom Melt is coming to the brewery serving up delicious food before Christmas. We’ve paired our beer with each of their dishes to enhance both the flavor of the food and the beer.

Beef Teriyaki Melt
Slow roasted beef, crushed grilled pineapple, smoked & Swiss cheese on mini brioche bun
Pair with: Valkyrie California Altbier

Vegetarian Chili Bowl
Lentil and corn chili with pickled onions, sour cream, smoked cheese, green onions and corn bread crumble
Pair with: Foliage Pale Ale, Protector IPA, Contradiction Black IPA

Veggie Sloppy Joe Slider
Lentil and corn chili with pickles, red onion, Swiss and Smoked Cheese on mini brioche bun
Pair with: Foliage Pale Ale, Protector IPA

Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, Peanut Butter
Pair with: Daniel Irons Oatmeal Stout

Following that up, on Sunday 12/23, swing by the brewery for discount growler fills to get all the beer you need for Christmas week. Just bring in your growler and receive $3 off 1L and $5 off 2L growler fills. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Hours
Please note our hours this Holiday Season:

Tuesday 12/24: 12pm – 8pm
Wednesday 12/25 – 12/30: Closed
Tuesday 12/31: 12 – 5pm
Wednesday 1/1: Closed

Christopher Columbus Hop Project

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

christopher-columbus-memeGood ol’ Christopher Columbus. Where would we be without him today? Sitting on our couch in England, oppressed by the king, no brewery in sight. What sort of horrible alternate reality that would be!

Luckily, Christopher Columbus did exist. His expedition that ended up in the Bahamas so long ago (in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue) started a path toward colonization of the new world that, in some mind-boggling way, has lead us to having a brewery today. A brewery that celebrates the man with a special release brew every year around Christopher Columbus Day.

In celebration of Christopher Columbus Day (10/14) this Sunday October 13th, the day after the Moorpark Beer Festival, we’re tapping a special keg of Christopher Columbus Hop Project. This is a keg of Protector Imperial IPA dry-hopped with a large dose of Columbus Hops. Supplies are limited, so be sure to stop in before it’s all gone!

EVENT: Two Year Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


This past year has moved faster than any of us could have imagined. We’ve nearly doubled our production capacity, expanded into another warehouse unit, and even started a barrel aging program. It is with your continued support that we have been able to grow so fast and now celebrate our two year anniversary.

As a thanks to all your support, we’ve put together an awesome event to celebrate the end of our second year on August 3rd with 9 beers on tap, food from Custom Melt, commemorative anniversary doppelsticke glassware, 2 bars for shorter lines & our first bottle run with our 2nd Anniversary Doppelsticke altbier.

The Beer
We’re releasing a brand new anniversary ale for the event – EBC Mk. II 2nd Anniversary Doppelsticke Altbier.

Our second anniversary ale is a special one-time release batch of beer brewed for the occasion. The 9.5% doppelsticke altbier has prominent caramel and toffee flavors with hints of chocolate, raisin, cherry and biscuit. For those that had last year’s doppelsticke anniversary alt, this version is slightly darker with more chocolate flavors and is not oak aged.

The full beer list for the event is as follows:

  • Captains Summer Session
  • Golden Spur
  • Langsamweizen
  • Valkyrie
  • Vanilla Oak Valkyrie on Cask
  • Protector
  • Protector – Hop Project
  • Thunderchief Double IPA
  • EBC Mk. II 2nd Anniversary Doppelsticke Altbier

And, yes you read that right; we’re re-releasing our Thunderchief Double IPA. This hop-forward beer is heavily hopped with traditional American C-hops – Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus. Perfect for all you hop-heads out there.

The Food
Custom Melt will be setting up their tent again serving special food designed just for the event. Menu to follow, so stay tuned for details

Keep the Glass
Like last year, we have a unique glass available to commemorate our 2nd year anniversary. This can be purchased individually or as a keep the glass with a glass of EBC Mk. II.

Anniversary Bottles ebc-mk-II-label
For the first time ever, we will be selling bottles of our anniversary ale – 750ml corked Belgian bottles. These aren’t just special growler fills like last year – these are pre-bottled beers. And while you won’t get the joy of watching Matt and Chris fill and cork behind the bar in-front of you like last year, you do get these fancy new labels. We have a limited supply, so first come first serve.

Shorter Lines
To help keep the lines for beer short – we’re setting up a second bar over by the brewery to serve up our main beers. Additionally, we will not be serving taster flights for the duration of the event – you can still order tasters, but only 2 per person.

A Year in Review
August – One Year Anniversary Success
September – Moorpark Country Days Parade Recruitment
October – Captain Chris and Brie get Married
November – EBC Thanksgiving Food Drive
December – Our first adventure in chili pepper beers
January – Custom Melt Sets Up at The Brewery for the First Time
February – Released our first German Weizen beer
March – Released our first Belgian Ale
April – First Part of Brewery Expansion complete
May – Second Part of Brewery Expansion complete
June – Christened our New Tank Heidi

Journée des Culottes Courtes – Saison IPA Release

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Tonight we’re releasing a small 10-gallon batch of our newest creation – Journée des Culottes Courtes Saison IPA.

The name, French for “Day of the Short Pants,” was chosen since we fermented 10 gallons of Shorts Day Spring IPA with Saison Yeast from Golden Spur. Saison yeast is a French/Belgian style yeast from the Wallonia region of Belgium – hence the French name. To finish off the French Saison IPA, we dryhopped the brew with Czech Saaz hops.

So swing by the brewery this weekend to pick up a glass or taster of Journée des Culottes Courtes before our 10 gallon batch runs out.


2013 American Craft Beer Week at EBC

Monday, May 13th, 2013


In celebration of American Craft Beer Week this week, we have several exciting events at the brewery.

  1. Wednesday, May 15th, 6pm – 9pm: $5 1L and $10 2L growler fills. Perfect for that mid-week beer run.
  2. Friday, May 17th, 7pm – 9pm: $2 pints of Dean Hickman English Bitter on CASK and aged on Goldings hops.
  3. Saturday, May 18th, 11am – 8pm: Keep the Glass Shorts Day Spring IPA. Buy a glass of Shorts Day and keep the glass for only $10.
  4. Sunday, May 19th, 12pm – 5pm: Bring in lunch/dinner/afternoon-snack from a local bar or restaurant & receive $1 off all glasses of beer.

The goal of the week is to celebrate the culture and community of American Craft Beer! So stop on by the brewery for one of our events to celebrate.

For a complete list of American Craft Beer events, check out the official American Craft Beer Week event list.

Shorts Day Spring IPA Release

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at the brewery. It’s no longer freezing cold when we start our brew day at 6am, the sunlight is out longer after we get home from our day jobs, and the nights are warm when we head home from the brewery after a long day.

There is however one big problem we have with spring – waking up not knowing if we should put on shorts or pants: is it a shorts day? Some days start of a little cloudy, but the clouds quickly burns off into a hot sunny day. And other spring mornings start sunny, but stay a little chilly. Choose right, and you can be relaxing comfortably the rest of the day. But choose wrong, and you’ll regret it until you get home in the evening.

And to celebrate the eternal spring struggle of whether or not to wear shorts, we bring to you Shorts Day Spring IPA.


Shorts Day is a Spring IPA – that is a light, refreshing, hop-forward brew – perfect to enjoy on those days where shorts are the perfect choice.


Shorts Day
ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 55
SG: 1.059 | FG: 1.010

American 2-Row
Munich Malt Light
Crystal 40L


Contradiction – Black IPA

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

We’ve wanted to brew a black IPA for some time now – in fact you might remember it was part of our argument that ended in a Black Sasion back in spring. So with little argument this time, we went ahead and brewed our Black IPA to round out our winter seasonal lineup for 2012.


Black IPA is a relatively new beer style and a contradiction of terms. How can something be black and pale at the same time? We’re not really sure. Needless to say, because of the newness of the style, and the confusion surrounding what the name means, there is some debate on what a Black IPA is. Generally speaking, there are two main takes on the style:

  1. An IPA black in color with very little roasted character in the brew
  2. An IPA black in color with a large malt backbone and strong roasted and chocolate flavor. This type of Black IPA is often known as a Cascadian Dark Ale. However there is still debate over the naming convention.

Regardless of what you call it, we chose to go with option #1. Our Contradiction Black IPA, though black in color, is light in body allowing the hops to shine through beautifully. Brewed mostly with Cascade and Columbus hops, the flavors of this brew are citrus, grapefruit, spicy, earthy and flowery – with just a kiss of roasted and chocolate malt in the finish.

Contradiction Black IPA
ABV: 7.7% | IBU: 65
SG: 1.070 | FG: 1.012

American 2-Row
CaraMunich III
Debittered Black Malt