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Concrete Installation – Part I

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

After 3 rounds of plan-check approvals with the city, we were finally ready to start turning our dirty old warehouse into our beautiful new brewery. First up after plan approval was to paint and start on the 1,400 sq ft sloping floor drain where our brewery will be. This was done in five steps:

Step 1: Move All Equipment
We still have all of our storage over at the new brewery, so to prepare for painting we spent a night fork-lifting all our grain racks, barrels, etc. into the center of the facility so painters could paint the walls where the new brewery will be located.

Step 2: Move All Equipment…Again
Another step, another night playing Tetris with all of our equipment. To make way for painting the tasting room ceiling, the equipment that we just put in the center of the brewery was moved to the left side of the facility.

Step 3: Saw Cut
Finally a step that did not require our now-advanced fork lifting skills. Ventura Concrete Cutting came out to cut the perimeter of the drain area. Surprisingly the concrete saw was whisper quiet allowing us to get some more work done in the unit while they were cutting.

Step 4: Concrete Removal
The day after cutting the perimeter of our drainage area, Dennis and his crew from Ideal Concrete Worx arrived with a dump-truck and a Bobcat equipped with a jackhammer and started busting up the floor.


Dump Truck & Bobcat


For a full day,the Earth shook.


Brewery floor all cut up.

Step 5: Install Plumbing
After the concrete rubble was removed, Mark Johnson came and began installing the piping for the main drain lines. You may remember Mark Johnson from previous brewery plumbing episodes.


Installing Plumbing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so that means (assuming there are no diminishing returns) that 2,000 pictures is worth 2,000,000 words. So, we bring to you this 2,000,000 word description of the first phase of our build out in the form of time-lapse-photography!

Stay Tuned for the continuation of the plumbing install and the pouring of concrete.

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Plumbing Installation – Episode 4

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Construction Complete

The new plumbing passed the pressure test no problem, and so the contractors began filling the trench up with the dirt. To make sure the dirt was compacted, they put a little dirt down, added a bit of water, and repeated until the trench was all filled in. The compacted dirt will help keep the center of our brewery from sinking – a constant plumbing concern.

no more trench in brewery

Next the crew covered the dirt with cement. As an additional step to prevent possible sinking in the middle of the brewhouse, rebar was added prior to pouring the cement. To prevent cracking, gaps were left around the sides of the new cement which we’ll need to fill in later.

cementing brewery floor

Once the cement was mostly dried, the brewery crew couldn’t wait to see if the trench drain would work as advertised. None of us had ever poured water on a floor before that didn’t result in the need for many towels and some yelling. Holding our breath, the Chief dumped water onto the floor…. only to have it disappear into the depths below. Success!

testing brewery floor trench drain

Plumbing Installation – Episode 3

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Trench Drain Dreams

Holes dug in the floor and pipe found, the brewery crew went to bed happy and dreamed of glorious trench drains that would be installed in the coming days. Low and behold, a few days later, their dreams came true.

The final step before filling in the dirt and cementing everything back up is pressure testing the drains. This is done to ensure the strength of the piping so they don’t burst or start to leak underground. Ideally an underground leak would create some sort of cavern below the brewery, accessed only by a hidden trap door in the floor, to store and age beer in like the days of old – but in reality it’d just create a large sinkhole and swallow our brewery whole. So we went ahead with the pressure test.

Plumbing Installation – Episode 2

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Forgoing further holistic devices, Captain Chris and Commander Matt buckled down with gumption and moxie to dig and find the pipe.


Maybe it was the extra determination. Maybe it was all the hard work they put into finding the pipe. Or maybe it was that trained professionals came in and dug a new hole in a different location where the pipe was. No one really knows the reason, but one thing is for certain – we found the pipe.

the pipe

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Plumbing Installation.

Plumbing Installation

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Today began our first major brewery construction project. Unlike our other brewery improvement projects, the intent for this project wasn’t to make the brewery prettier, it was to make it functional and prettier.

Cuttin’ Stone
The most excitement the brewery has seen since Painting Day Part I. At 7am sharp a few saw guys (official term) from Pacific Concrete in Simi Valley arrived with a very large and very loud saw. They cut the floor in preparation to install pipes and floor drain. The floor was cut into about 80lb cement blocks that could easily be removed. This took about two hours.

cuttin the brewery floorBrewery Stone Blocks

In Search of Pipe
Next we needed to locate our sewer pipe. Funny thing is, no one seemed to know where it was. Large holes were dug with shovel and jackhammer in search of the pipe. But after many hours, no pipe was found.

In Search of Pipe

And so the holistic pipe locator crew was called in. The two person crew (Brew Captain Chris and his girlfriend Brie), one armed with a stethoscope & the other with the ability to move levers, attempted a risky Sound Localization maneuver. While Chris repeatedly flushed the toilet, Brie listened with her keen ears in attempt to locate the pipe. No dice.

And so the digging resumed.

Will the pipe be found? Will holistic methods prove effective? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Plumbing Installation!