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Valkyrie CA Altbier Glasses Have Arrived

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Our goal was to start offering these awhile back, but as with most art related things, the brewery is slightly challenged. We tried glassware with logos big and small, lots of text and no text, and several designs that we consider “out there.”

But in the end we ended with a simple glass based on traditional German and Irish glassware.

valkyrie altbier glass

The glass is available for sale starting this Friday (Nov 18th) for $6.

Defending the Brewery

Friday, November 11th, 2011

This weekend the brewery crew is teleporting back in time to defend the brewery from “Northern Aggression.” AKA we’re joining the Richmond Howitzers in the Moorpark Civil War Reenactment at Underwood Family Farms.

EBC at the Civil War

Luckily, as we were being teleported back to the 1860’s, we just managed to grab 4 kegs of Altbier – which will be on tap for the public at the event this Saturday & Sunday. So come out and support the local Rotary Club and learn about American History on this Veterans Day Weekend.

Oh, and have no fear, the Enegren’s parents have traveled from afar to keep the tasting room open during normal tasting room hours.

Mini-Barrel Aged Valkyrie

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Some breweries (like ours) are smaller than other breweries (like Stone for example). Small size shouldn’t prevent us from doing great things that other breweries do – specialty seasonal beers, crazy spiced beers or even barrel aged beers. We just have to do some things smaller…

Vanilla Oaked Valkyrie Barrel

So, introducing to you, our mini-barrel (aka barrilito) aged series of beer. This coming weekend we will tap our barrilito and serve our beer on cask at the brewery. While we’ve served beer out of our barrel before, this is the first time we’ve aged our beer in it – we’ve had some Valkyrie California Altbier in our oak barrel for over a month, with a touch of fresh vanilla bean added for that extra goodness.

It’ll be available this weekend, starting Saturday at 11am. There’s only 5 gallons, so be sure to stop by early to get a taste.

Captain Chris’ Belated Birthday – Beer and Food Pairing

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Due to various brewery happenings, we were unable to officially celebrate Chris’ birthday until the 5th of October – quite a few days after his real birthday on September 11th. It was, however, worth the wait.

Brie (Chris’ girlfriend) organized a cooking class/beer pairing event at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom. Paired with a couple of EBC beers, the brewery crew and friends got together to cook a meal of epic proportion.

The food was great and the beer pairing spectacular. Everyone learned a lot – how to sear and braise pork loin, make Ganache, ruin a Vanilla Saffron Sauce and more.

If you have some Valkyire or Protector on hand and feel like cooking, or just feel like making a great meal – here are the recipes: