Brew Chief, I Shrunk the Growlers

Captain: “Brew Chief, I shrunk the growlers”
Chief: “…What?”
Captain: “And the labels too. They’re about *this* big back behind the bar”
Chief: “WHAT?!”

In an experiment gone wrong where Captain Chris was trying to increase the heat output on our kettle burner using an unusual combination of compressed air, exhaust baffles and a flux capacitor – the Captain shrunk the growlers.

At first the brewery was upset – what the heck could we do with all these tiny growlers. But after listing out the pros and cons, we quickly realized that this accident wasn’t all bad.

One can buy two and bring home two different beers
If one has two mini growlers, the beer will stay fresher longer (assuming they don’t open both at the same time).
More Compact

Holds less beer

So, thanks to Chris’ wonderful mishap, we now have 1L swing top bottles available for sale at the brewery ($8/bottle, $6-$8/fill).


(this may or may not be a story to cover up the fact that we sold a lot of growlers over Labor Day (thank you!) and tried to order more but found out they were back-ordered from Germany for a week or two)

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  1. Sean Harvey says:

    I want a mini growler preferably with your beer in it! I live in PA. I guess there might be laws against it but damn it they look cool.

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