Christopher Columbus Hop Project

christopher-columbus-memeGood ol’ Christopher Columbus. Where would we be without him today? Sitting on our couch in England, oppressed by the king, no brewery in sight. What sort of horrible alternate reality that would be!

Luckily, Christopher Columbus did exist. His expedition that ended up in the Bahamas so long ago (in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue) started a path toward colonization of the new world that, in some mind-boggling way, has lead us to having a brewery today. A brewery that celebrates the man with a special release brew every year around Christopher Columbus Day.

In celebration of Christopher Columbus Day (10/14) this Sunday October 13th, the day after the Moorpark Beer Festival, we’re tapping a special keg of Christopher Columbus Hop Project. This is a keg of Protector Imperial IPA dry-hopped with a large dose of Columbus Hops. Supplies are limited, so be sure to stop in before it’s all gone!

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