New Beer Release – Enegren Brewing Pilsner

We at Enegren Brewing Company are excited to announce our first ever brewed lager – Enegren Brewing Company Pilsner. The beer is so good, we have released it in the tasting room before we could even come up with a proper name.
Enegren Brewing Company Riwaka Pils
EBC Pilsner is a hoppy Czech-style Pilsner brewed with German Malts and New Zealand Riwaka hops (which you may remember from Riwaka Hopped Shorts Day). The beer is golden in color, extremely crisp, and comes in at an easy 4.8% ABV. The highlight of this beer is the New Zealand Riwaka hops used. Added as both the bittering and whirlpool hops – they impart wonderful passion-fruit, citrus and floral flavors.

The unique and complex Riwaka hops really shine through on this batch for an amazing flavor that is a must try for all beer lovers!

EBC Pilsner
Recipe Design

The brew is a simple design – the grist (grain) consists of over 95% German Pilsner malt and 95% New Zealand Riwaka hops. A touch of German Melanoidin malt is added to the grist to round out the body. And in addition to the Riwaka hops, a small amount of Nugget is added at the start of the boil for a clean bitterness.

This simple brew, fermented with a German Bock yeast, allows the unique and complex Riwaka hops to shine through.

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 40
SG: 1.047 | FG: 1.010

German Pilsner Malt
German Melanoidin


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