Riwaka Hopped Shorts Day

You might have noticed that Captain Chris was not at the brewery a couple weekends ago – no he was not taking a vacation, but off in New Zealand helping install a new brewery for Garage Project. They will start to distribute in small amounts to the U.S. soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.


From left to right: Jos, Chris, and Pete.

As a token of their thanks, Chris was bestowed upon a gift of great awesomeness: 10 lbs of Riwaka hops.

These New Zealand Hops, related to the Nobel Saaz Hop, have an intense grapefruit aroma and flavor. To showcase these hops – we’ve added some to nearly 30 gallons of Shorts Day IPA. This extra dry-hopped batch of Shorts Day with Riwaka hops will be on tap at the tasting room starting this Saturday, April 19th.

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