Shorts Day Spring IPA Release

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at the brewery. It’s no longer freezing cold when we start our brew day at 6am, the sunlight is out longer after we get home from our day jobs, and the nights are warm when we head home from the brewery after a long day.

There is however one big problem we have with spring – waking up not knowing if we should put on shorts or pants: is it a shorts day? Some days start of a little cloudy, but the clouds quickly burns off into a hot sunny day. And other spring mornings start sunny, but stay a little chilly. Choose right, and you can be relaxing comfortably the rest of the day. But choose wrong, and you’ll regret it until you get home in the evening.

And to celebrate the eternal spring struggle of whether or not to wear shorts, we bring to you Shorts Day Spring IPA.


Shorts Day is a Spring IPA – that is a light, refreshing, hop-forward brew – perfect to enjoy on those days where shorts are the perfect choice.


Shorts Day
ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 55
SG: 1.059 | FG: 1.010

American 2-Row
Munich Malt Light
Crystal 40L


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2 Responses to “Shorts Day Spring IPA Release”

  1. Jeff Jost says:

    Growlers available of this brew?

  2. Yes – growlers are available.

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