Brewery Laboratory

Sick of the drab gray speckled carpet office room – we decided to tear it up and turn our office into a lab where we can count yeast and create various scientific concoctions.

First Matt started by angrily ripping up the carpet – after spending countless hours in the office doing brewery accounting, he had developed a special hatred toward it.

matt angrily ripping lab carpet up

more angry matt

After the carpet was removed, we had the enjoyable experience of scraping up all the left over carpet glue. This was a fun task that involved some sort of solvent (we tried several, all with varying degrees of success), a scraper, shop vac and lots of elbow grease.

carpet glue

Next up was to use our good ol’ friend the degreaser from episodes “Sealing The Brewery Floor Part 1 & Part 2“. For kicks, we donned our safety equipment to bring back memories.

degreasing the floor

Then we really did have to use our safety equipment as we acid etched the floor. Having done this three times before (one was a mulligan) we were now basically pros.

acid etching lab

We then painted the floor, careful not to paint ourselves into a corner.
painting the lab floor

Once the paint dried we called upon the brewery magi who magically installed rubber coving, a lab table and caution tape (aka we forgot to take pictures), but we imagine it looked something like this:

completed brewery lab

We then thoroughly tested the brewery lab

lab testing the beer

Lab testing the beer - for ghosts

Brewery Lab Test

Testing the beer in the lab


Science For The Win & A Job Well Done


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  1. Rick Krone says:

    u guys are really into product and quality analysis–oscilloscope and all! meanwhile, i’ll just rely on my taste buds–LOL!

  2. Looking awesome- can’t wait to build up our yeast lab. Next time I’m in the area I’ll bring some Two Kids beer by and talk shop!

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