Concrete Installation – Part I

After 3 rounds of plan-check approvals with the city, we were finally ready to start turning our dirty old warehouse into our beautiful new brewery. First up after plan approval was to paint and start on the 1,400 sq ft sloping floor drain where our brewery will be. This was done in five steps:

Step 1: Move All Equipment
We still have all of our storage over at the new brewery, so to prepare for painting we spent a night fork-lifting all our grain racks, barrels, etc. into the center of the facility so painters could paint the walls where the new brewery will be located.

Step 2: Move All Equipment…Again
Another step, another night playing Tetris with all of our equipment. To make way for painting the tasting room ceiling, the equipment that we just put in the center of the brewery was moved to the left side of the facility.

Step 3: Saw Cut
Finally a step that did not require our now-advanced fork lifting skills. Ventura Concrete Cutting came out to cut the perimeter of the drain area. Surprisingly the concrete saw was whisper quiet allowing us to get some more work done in the unit while they were cutting.

Step 4: Concrete Removal
The day after cutting the perimeter of our drainage area, Dennis and his crew from Ideal Concrete Worx arrived with a dump-truck and a Bobcat equipped with a jackhammer and started busting up the floor.


Dump Truck & Bobcat


For a full day,the Earth shook.


Brewery floor all cut up.

Step 5: Install Plumbing
After the concrete rubble was removed, Mark Johnson came and began installing the piping for the main drain lines. You may remember Mark Johnson from previous brewery plumbing episodes.


Installing Plumbing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so that means (assuming there are no diminishing returns) that 2,000 pictures is worth 2,000,000 words. So, we bring to you this 2,000,000 word description of the first phase of our build out in the form of time-lapse-photography!

Stay Tuned for the continuation of the plumbing install and the pouring of concrete.

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