Concrete Installation – Part II

Part I of our concrete install, if you missed it, had demolition, wicked awesome construction machinery and loud noises. If you’re into that sort of thing (we are) – be sure to check it out.

If you’re more the type who loves sloped surfaces and latticed-rebar (we are ) – this blog post is for you.

Step 1: Vapor Barrier
The first step in pouring concrete is to place a plastic sheet over the dirt to prevent soil moisture from ruining the concrete.

Step 2: Rebar
With the vapor barrier in place, rebar dowels were drilled into the sides of the old concrete and epoxied in place. These ensure the new concrete slab adheres to the surrounding old slab. With the dowels in place, workers laid additional rebar across the opening in a lattice pattern (a pattern seldom used outside of pie and gardening circles) and tied it together.
rebar sloped floor drain new brewery

Step 3: Concrete Pouring
At 6am on a Thursday the cement mixer, pumping apparatus, and about 15 concrete workers showed up and immediately began working. These guys were organized & efficient – this was by far the most exciting part to see.

matt in front of cement mixer-annotated

Cement Mixer

cement pumping apparatus

pumping apparatus

All of the concrete work was performed by Dennis Mesick from Ideal Concrete Worx.

dennis infront of concrete - annotated

Step 4: FRP
Since we needed to wait 2 weeks for the concrete to completely dry, we decided to knock out some tiling and FRP wall paneling. This was our second time doing both tile and FRP so it was a little less of a circus.

Step 5: U-Crete
After spending lots of money on a fancy new slopes slab, the last thing we wanted to see was a bunch of cracks, mold and erosion start to set in as soon as we started brewing. Therefore, we got one of the best coatings money can buy: U-Crete. U-Crete is a cementitious urethane coating that’s designed to take lots of abuse. Unlike epoxies, it won’t crack when the concrete expands and contracts. Applying U-Crete consisted of the following procedures:

  1. Shot blast the concrete to open up the pores for better adhesion.
  2. shot blasting concrete

  3. Apply a base coat and cover it with sand.
  4. prepping for u-crete

  5. Vacuum up all the sand that didn’t stick to the coating after it dried.
  6. sucking up the leftover sand

  7. Apply a final coat
  8. applying final u-crete coating

The final sloped floor drain coated in U-Crete is sure to be the highlight of the next brewery tour. You won’t want to miss it.

And once again we leave you with a time lapse video of the construction being done. The Benny Hill Soundtrack really captures the essence of our build out.

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