Evolution of an EBC Kegwasher

Keg Washer #1: Commander Matt

matt keg washer
This model required someone (Matt) to hold a keg upside down on their lap while someone else worked the valves. This keg washer leaked, required two brewers, involved a chair, and took forever. We only used this to rinse our new kegs before filling them with our first batch – which is a good thing because we didn’t have to use any caustic chemicals to clean. Trust us, 185 degree water leaking on you is better than 120 degree caustic solution.

Keg Washer #2: NSF Approved Rack

ghetto v2 washer
Our second keg washer model (designed only a week after our first keg washer) was a HUGE improvement. This keg washer was rigged together with a spare NSF approved rack, scrap grain shelving pieces, nuts, bolts and a few prayers. It didn’t leak. It didn’t require two brewers. It required hook up to the brewery mash-kettle. It fell over and nearly crushed people. But it cleaned kegs!

Keg Washer #3: Manual Keg Washer

premier washer manual
After 5 months using the NSF Approved Rack – for the first time, our keg washer was actually a keg washer. Something actually designed, built and tested for keg washing. It washes two kegs at a time (halving our cleaning time), doesn’t tip over, doesn’t have to hook up to the brewery, and all around just looks awesome.

Keg Washer #4: ???

No one knows what the next keg washer will be – but here’s an artist’s rendering.
keg washer of the future


5 Responses to “Evolution of an EBC Kegwasher”

  1. I might need to borrow that soon

  2. Chris Mills says:

    Your mark I and II units look like the Thrifty Gadgeteer washer. My solution is similar (using strong alkaline – PBW equivalent), but I hated the valve layout so I changed it around a little. You can see a decent photo on my FB album…


    I look forward to up-scaling to a Premier Stainless manual washing station (of something very similar).

    Nice work guys!

  3. Chris says:

    Premier Stainless? Mind if I ask how much? JC of Trillium and I were just discussing this very topic last night!

  4. Fireman Dave says:

    I thought I saw keg washer #4 at Home Depot.

  5. Curtis says:

    Where did you get this from? I’m curious how much it was as well. I’m hoping to make it up to your neck of the woods sometime soon to check out your brewery in person. Keep up the good work!

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