Expanding Production – A Third Fermentor

We’ve been open for less than half a year, and we already have trouble producing enough beer to keep up with demand. So, thanks to the better than expected sales, and a timely surplus of 7bbl fermentors at Premier Stainless, we went out and purchased a third fermentor.

Once we decide on a name, it’ll be up and fermenting beer in no time! Until then, enjoy these pics from the delivery.

One Response to “Expanding Production – A Third Fermentor”

  1. Mark Sternberg says:

    w00t! Awesome that you need more toys to keep up with demand. Since you guys are going to be cranking out more beer soon, I’ll have to try and make it up to take some off your hands this weekend.

    If I can remember, I’ll bring some bottles of my home brews for drinking/smashing open on the bar in case of 70’s style brawl.

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