The New Brewery Arrives

There have been many exciting milestones along the way in this brewery building adventure – from smashing walls down to watching concrete being poured. However, nothing was as exciting as seeing our brand new 15BBL brew system being delivered last Friday. None of us are fathers, yet, but this has to be EXACTLY what it’s like seeing ones first born.

The truck arrived at around 2pm, and as with every other new piece of equipment in our expansion process, the brewery was too big for Helga The Forklift to handle. Luckily larger forklifts are available for rent, and we happen to know a guy who can operate heavy machinery.

So once again, our friend Scott helped us unload the tanks and platform from the truck and into the facility. As everything was already standing up, this process proved much easier than the fermentors.

After getting the tanks and platform into the building, we began the leveling and positioning process which is not unlike a dog trying to chase its own tail (but not as cute). If it wasn’t for us being so pumped up at the moment, the mood would have definitely resulted in frustration and yelling.

Each tank has about 3-4 connections to the main system manifold and each connection must fit perfectly into place without bending. The toughest part was moving, leveling, raising and twisting each tank so every fitting lined up.


Then next day consisted of screwing the mounting plates for the brewery as well as our fermentors and water tanks to the ground using big screw anchors and our favorite tool: the rotohammer.

The brew system is a Premier Stainless 15BBL 3-vessel system. This was completely designed by Chris, who conveniently also works at Premier Stainless. This of course resulted in a wicked sweet system with a lot of fancy things.

From left to right, we have a Lauter tun with rakes and an automatic grain-out plow, Steam Jacketed Mash Tun with a mixer in the middle and a Kettle / Whirlpool on the right side.

The system will be controlled by a PLC in the center cabinet with the interface mounted on top.

On the brew deck there is a sink that’s plumbed into the hot and cold water tanks in our back room as well as a sample chiller for cooling wort samples.

The most important part is that we made the deck big enough for brew tours, but mainly to hold a cot for overnight brews.

If you’re coming out to our Oktoberfest this weekend, you’re welcome to come see the new system at 2 pm, she is yours as much as she is ours, so climb the platform, look in the tanks, or just simply give her a hug… For those of you who are wondering, her name is Lagertha.

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