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EBC 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

As we approach being open for one year at our new location, our Christmas and New Year’s break gave us time to reflect on the past year and what we want to focus on in 2016. As we sat at the brewery one cold morning, trying to keep warm, the first of many resolutions for the new year came to us easily.

Tasting Room Heater
First up on 2016 improvements is to install a heating system in the brewery tasting room. The rudimentary heating device (aka fire) we first conceived almost burnt the brewery down, so we contacted an HVAC company who can install a brand new heater in the tasting room to help keep everyone warm and the building un-burned down.

At EBC we promise a beer in every glass, a fire on every table

At EBC we promise a beer in every glass, a fire on every table

Pilot Brew System

lucy and fermentor

Cuteness overload

Ever since we opened back in 2011, we’ve wanted to get our 10-gallon home-brewery back-up and running. Not only for fun and nostalgia, but also to brew pilot batches at the brewery. This would enable us to hone in a recipe before brewing it large scale, and allow us to experiment with new hops and other ingredients.

So in 2016, we plan to finally get our home-brewery back up and running. We just purchased a new glycol-jacketed 10-gallon stainless steel frementor and will get our home-brewery back in action over the next few months.

Sell off Old Fermentors
While we’ll be sad to see them go, we’ve started to sell off our old 6- and 7-barrel fermentors to replace them with three 15-barrel fermentors. Not only will this cut down on the amount of work we need to do on 15-barrel brews, but it will also reduce the tank-footprint in our brewery giving us more space.

Expand Tasting Room
With the additional room from selling off our old fermentors, we’ll be able to rope off space on the brewery floor to add additional seating capacity when not brewing. As we see it, there’s no better place to enjoy a beer than with friends next to the stainless steel machinery that brewed it!

Expand Barrel Aging Program
2015 was focused on getting our new brewery up and running smoothly and staring to expand distribution. While we will continue to focus on that in 2016, we also plan to focus more energy on expanding our barrel program. This will allow us to start releasing more barrel aged beers – both on tap and in bottles.

A beer in a barrel is worth two in a fermentor

A beer in a barrel is worth two in a fermentor

Expand Bottle Program
2015 saw the launch of Valkyrie and Foliage in 22oz bottles – which you can now buy in local shops and restaurants. In 2016 we plan to greatly expand our bottle offerings. This will include bottling our other year round beers, Protector and Lunch Pale, plus each of our seasonals – starting with Golden Spur in the spring. We’ll also begin to bottle special release beers as they become available.

So there you have it – our 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for the brewery. We’re ready for another amazing year!

One Giant Leap for Brew Kind

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Valkyrie 22oz Bottle Label
We took a giant leap forward at the brewery last week – 15 BBLs of Valkyrie bottled into 22oz bottles!

Now, we’ve done some bottling before, but this usually involved a hand-held beer gun, a 500 bottle max, and a few “work beers.”

batch 100 bottling line 2

Hand bottling Batch 100 bottles, work beers – March 2014

This time, for the first time ever, we used an automatic bottling machine! For our first run, we called in a mobile bottling unit, or MBU for short. The MBU saved us from having to hand-bottle 15 barrels of beer – but we quickly learned it wasn’t all sugar plums and fairies.

First, the thing about the MBU is, while they are made to work with every brewery, they are not made to work with one brewery particularly well. So it took us well over an hour to hook the system up and get it running.

Secondly, the biggest learning pain was, that despite checking before getting our brand-spanking-new labels printed, the bottled-on date machine didn’t work with our labels. So, much to Chris’ enjoyment, he got to hand-stamp each of the 2600+ bottles we filled.
So, keep your eyes peeled – not only are these new, hand-stamped, Valkyrie bottles available for sale at the brewery for $6.50 – but are also coming to a store near you!

Lagertha Pilsner

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Summer’s just around the corner, and in preparation we brewed up a small batch of Pilsner. This batch laid the foundation for our planned 30-BBL batches ahead of releasing Lagertha Pilsner as our new summer seasonal.

Enegren Brewing Company Riwaka Pils

Lagertha Pilsner is named after our brewery – which is named after a Viking shieldmaiden. The name was bestowed upon this beer because this was our first flawless brew day.

Brewed with German Pilsner malt and Saaz & Mosaic hops, our first batch turned out fantastic! We were about to release the brew last week, but realized we weren’t sure if it exhibited the intrinsic qualities a summer brew has.

So, like a lot of our problems, we turned to science for the solution. We put our best lab technician – Brad Enegren, father of Chris and Matt – on the case.

After much thought, he opted for a strenuous test at a special field testing laboratory designed for this kind of high-tech assignment.

The beer passed with flying colors.

So, with a successful validation, Lagertha Pilsner will be on tap at the brewery tasting room this Wednesday starting at 4pm!

This is not only one of our favorite beers, but also one of the more challenging beers we brew. The technical challenges in brewing a light beer with a perfectly balanced hop profile and a clean yeast flavor is no easy task; it takes planning, time and patience. After our strenuous testing, we’re sure you’ll enjoy Lagertha Pilsner as much as we enjoy brewing it!

And stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more lager brews in the coming months.



American Craft Beer Week 2015

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

2015 American Craft Beer Week

May 11th – 17th is American Craft Beer Week! The week celebrates the culture and community of craft beer across the US and we’ve got some sweet events lined up to celebrate!

Wednesday, May 13th
Half off glasses of Valkyrie and Captain Patrick Irish Stout at the tasting room from 4pm – 9pm. The Grilled Cheese Truck will also be by serving up tasty melts!

Plus, join us at Ladyface Brewery for a special American Craft Beer Dinner! Space is limited – you can reserve your tickets here:

Thursday, May 14th
Mary Ambree Belgian Brown Ale
We’re putting a brand-new beer on tap – Mary Ambree!. Mary Ambree, named after an English Captain that helped liberate the Belgium city Ghent, is a Fruity Belgian Amber Ale with a slight caramel flavor from the dark candi sugar we added during the boil.

Friday, May 15th
Discount cask night – $2 cask pours until the cask runs dry. Plus Ian Ormiston is playing a live acoustic set from 5:30 – 8:30 and Rock Chef Rolls is serving food starting at 4:30!

Saturday, May 16th
Moorpark’s own Jason Lewis playing Live Music Jukebox from 4:30 – 7:30pm. Plus, awesome food from The Underground Gourmet Food Truck from 1pm – 7pm.

Sunday, May 17th
Discount Growler Fills! We’re finishing off the week with $5 1L and $10 2L growler fills at the brewery from Noon – 5pm. Plus live music from Skin & Bones and food from Germanys Famous Bratwurst food truck!

Hope you’re able to join us to celebrate craft beer in America! Directions to our brewery & tasting room »

Cheers and Happy Craft Beer Week!
EBC Crew

Questions, Comments, Coming out to Celebrate? Let us know!

Crowlers – The Next Great Thing in Craft Beer

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Over the past couple weeks, EBC Scientists have been hard at work trying to identify a fill-on-demand 32oz container that showed up at our brewery. Is it a growler? Is it a can? We were stumped.


Is that a can or a growler?

After many tests we finally figured it out. The answer may surprise you.

Is it a Growler?

  • We quickly found that, like a growler, the mystery container could be filled and sealed on demand.
  • After many tests, we also discovered that we could fill it with all the same beers on tap that we could fill a normal growler with.
  • We also noticed that once opened, the beer inside the container could be enjoyed.

After these first few tests, we were nearly convinced that the container was a growler. However, to be thorough we also ran some tests to determine if it was indeed a can.

Is it a Can?

  • Webster defines “can” as “a closed metal container that is usually shaped like a cylinder and that holds food or drink”. Our container checks out here.
  • After many metallurgical tests, we determined conclusively that the container is indeed made of aluminum.
  • We conducted several experiments and determined that this new container can be taken to places where cans can go like golfing or the great outdoors.
  • We also noted that we were able to get 5 cents back when we turned it into the recycle station.

At this point we were pretty confused. Earlier tests clearly proved that our container was a growler. However, these more recent tests also proved that our container was a can.

A scientific and philosophical debate ensued.

crowler discussion

I think, therefore I am. But if a crowler does not think, what is it?

After much debate, discussion and, of course, drinking out of them we were finally able to come to a conclusion to the question plaguing us for days.

Is it a growler? Is it a can? The answer is YES!

Available for the first time at the brewery tasting room this Saturday – the 32oz crowler!

Christmas Gifts Available at the Tasting Room

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

matt-christmas-xmas-growler-cardNeed a great Christmas gift for someone who loves beer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our holiday gift cards are back on sale at the brewery, plus we’ve put together some awesome packages only available this holiday season.

Gift Cards
Available for 1L and 2L growler fills for $8 and $15 each, respectively. Perfect to pair with an empty growler.

(Note: gift cards do not come with garland, lights or Matt)

1L Growler Package
Two 1L growlers, two 1L gift card fills, and one hand-sewn grain bag growler carrier for $30 ($37.50 value).

Anniversary Ale Package
1 bottle of our EBC Mk. III Third Year Anniversary Ale, and 2 limited edition anniversary glasses for $22 ($31 dollar value).

New Beer Release – Pants Day Double Red IPA

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

pants-day-red-ipaEveryone is familiar with our Spring IPA – Shorts Day. The beer is brewed in celebration of the transition from wearing pants in the cold-harsh SoCal winter to shorts in the spring.

But as autumn fades to winter, so too does our opportunity to wear shorts. Sure, some days we sneak on a pair, but we usually regret it as daylight begins to wane and coldness takes over.

When this happens it means that Pants Day, arch-nemesis and destroyer of Shorts Day, is here. With the much-needed rain storm last week, Pants Day has fiercely reared its head — we can no longer keep it at bay.


At the brewery starting this Wednesday night, Pants Day Double Red IPA will be available in tasters, glasses and growler-fills.

Pants Day is a beautiful red color and is the hoppiest brew we’ve concocted to date. At 8% ABV and over 4.5 lbs of hops per barrel, the brew will leave a delicious citrus, grapefruit, floral and piney hop flavor in your mouth long after the beer is finished.

While just a footnote to the hop flavor, the reddish color from CaraMunich and roasted wheat malts provide some unique malt character that add to the complexity of the brew.

ABV: 8.0% | IBU: 85
SG: 1.073 | FG: 1.013

CaraMunich III
Roasted Wheat


New Beer Release – Enegren Brewing Pilsner

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

We at Enegren Brewing Company are excited to announce our first ever brewed lager – Enegren Brewing Company Pilsner. The beer is so good, we have released it in the tasting room before we could even come up with a proper name.
Enegren Brewing Company Riwaka Pils
EBC Pilsner is a hoppy Czech-style Pilsner brewed with German Malts and New Zealand Riwaka hops (which you may remember from Riwaka Hopped Shorts Day). The beer is golden in color, extremely crisp, and comes in at an easy 4.8% ABV. The highlight of this beer is the New Zealand Riwaka hops used. Added as both the bittering and whirlpool hops – they impart wonderful passion-fruit, citrus and floral flavors.

The unique and complex Riwaka hops really shine through on this batch for an amazing flavor that is a must try for all beer lovers!

EBC Pilsner
Recipe Design

The brew is a simple design – the grist (grain) consists of over 95% German Pilsner malt and 95% New Zealand Riwaka hops. A touch of German Melanoidin malt is added to the grist to round out the body. And in addition to the Riwaka hops, a small amount of Nugget is added at the start of the boil for a clean bitterness.

This simple brew, fermented with a German Bock yeast, allows the unique and complex Riwaka hops to shine through.

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 40
SG: 1.047 | FG: 1.010

German Pilsner Malt
German Melanoidin


Three Year Anniversary

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Anniversary-marketing-design-no-outline-webCome celebrate our third year anniversary at the brewery with beer and food from 11am to 8pm on August 9th. We’ll have two bars set up to serve you and keep lines to a minimum, our Anniversary Ale on tap, delicious food cooked up at the brewery, commemorative glassware, and more!

Anniversary Ale
ebc-mk-iii-anniversary-glass-editedOur three-year anniversary ale is a doppelsticke altbier aged in second use bourbon barrels for 5 months. This malty brew is full of raisin, caramel and toffee flavors with hints of bourbon, vanilla and oak. The brew will be available on tap at the brewery and available in 22oz bottles to go.

Full Beer List

  • Captains Summer Session
  • Golden Spur Saison
  • Valkyrie Altbier
  • Shorts Day IPA
  • Protector Imperial IPA
  • Langsamweizen Rye Hefeweizen
  • Nighthawk Black Ale
  • Boom Stick Barrel Aged Double IPA
  • John Chester Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale w/ Figs
  • EBC Mk. III Doppelsticke Altbier

As in tradition, Custom Melt will be on hand serving up delicious food at the brewery from 12pm – 6pm.

Year In Review
August – Second Year Anniversary Success
September – EBC Hires First Employee and Names Beer After Him
October – First Fruit Beer Release
November – Brewed First Full Batch of Hickman English Bitter
December – EBC Releases Their First Belgian Tripel
January – First Food & Beer Pairing at The Brewery
February – EBC Announces 15-BBL Brewery Expansion
March – Release of First Bottled Barrel Aged Brew
April – First Tour of New Brewery
May – Release of Second Bottled Barrel Aged Brew
June – Operation Dirty Green – Concrete Installation Part I
July – Operation Dirty Green – Concrete Installation Part II

Keep The Glass
Commemorative three year anniversary glasses will be on sale at the brewery during the event. They will be available for purchase individually or at a discount with a glass of our EBC Mk. III Anniversary Ale.

EBC Mk. III Bottles
22oz bottles of EBC Mk. III will be on sale at the brewery during the event – we have 450 available so be sure to get them while they last!

Bottle Release: Bourbon Barrel Aged Daniel Irons Oatmeal Stout

Friday, May 16th, 2014

On Saturday May 17th we’re excited to start selling Bourbon Barrel Aged Daniel Irons in 22oz bomber bottles at the brewery. This beer is the second release in our bottled barrel series – the first being Batch 100.

The brew has wonderful bourbon & vanilla flavor and aroma from the barrel as well as chocolate, caramel and roast flavors from the non-barrel aged version of the brew.

We created this brew to honor some of Daniel Irons’ later years working as a logger in Alaska. To capture his logging spirit, we aged two separate batches of Daniel Irons Imperial Oatmeal Stout on Jim Beam Bourbon Barrels for 11 months before bottling.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Daniel Irons Label

We have 5 barrels of Daniel Irons aging in Belle Meade Bourbon barrels to be released next year. Stash one (or more) bottle upright of this year’s version in a cool dark place until next year to compare the two barrel flavors and see how it’s aged.

To Daniel Irons!