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Christopher Columbus Hop Project

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

christopher-columbus-memeGood ol’ Christopher Columbus. Where would we be without him today? Sitting on our couch in England, oppressed by the king, no brewery in sight. What sort of horrible alternate reality that would be!

Luckily, Christopher Columbus did exist. His expedition that ended up in the Bahamas so long ago (in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue) started a path toward colonization of the new world that, in some mind-boggling way, has lead us to having a brewery today. A brewery that celebrates the man with a special release brew every year around Christopher Columbus Day.

In celebration of Christopher Columbus Day (10/14) this Sunday October 13th, the day after the Moorpark Beer Festival, we’re tapping a special keg of Christopher Columbus Hop Project. This is a keg of Protector Imperial IPA dry-hopped with a large dose of Columbus Hops. Supplies are limited, so be sure to stop in before it’s all gone!

EVENT: EBC Oktoberfest 2013

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Enegren Brewing is excited to hold their first Oktoberfest celebration this Saturday October 5th from 11am-8pm! Come celebrate with us as we march to the brewery following the Moorpark Country Days Parade (we need volunteer parade participants)! To mark the occasion we’re also releasing two new beers and serving up German food cooked on-site by Disgustingly Delicious.

The Beer
To commemorate the event, we’re adding two new beers to our lineup: The Last Days of Braun & Molly Chester.

The Last Days of Braun was originally brewed to commemorate the marriage of Chris Enegren and Brianne Braun. It was well received at the tasting room and afforded many a good time at the wedding reception, so we decided to brew it again this year as our second fall seasonal.

The brew uses a lot of Briess CaraBrown malt which adds a distinct and unique flavor consisting of nutty, toasty, biscuity flavors with a slightly dry finish.


Matt giving the oranges love and support before their journey into the brew

The second beer we’re releasing, Molly Chester, is an American Wheat Ale brewed with locally grown oranges. The oranges, picked from Apricot Lane Farms the week before the brew, were chopped and added to the whirlpool at the final stage of the brew process. These impart a wonderful orange flavor to the delicate wheat brew.

The Food
Disgustingly Delicious, the new coffee shop and eatery in Moorpark, will be on hand serving up German Food at the brewery. The menu consists of:

  • Beer braised bratwursts with bacon and grilled onions topped with mustard beer sauce on a pretzel bun
  • Hot German beer cheese soup in a pretzel bread bowl

If you haven’t had a chance to swing on over to their coffee shop and try their food, this is the perfect chance to check them out.

The Parade marching with growler
Like last year, the EBC crew is marching in the Moorpark Country Days Parade and we need your help! Our master parade plan once again includes growler wielding brewery fans marching along with our parade float. We’ll be marching on over to the brewery to start the Oktoberfest celebration! Anyone who marches with us will receive discounted growler fills – $5 off 2L growler fills and $2 off 1L growler fills the day of the parade. If interested, please email us at

Molly Chester – American Orange Wheat Ale

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Molly Chester American Orange Wheat Ale is a classic American Wheat Ale brewed with oranges grown right here in Moorpark at Apricot Lane Farms.

molly-chester-on-horseThe brew is named after one of Apricot Lane Farms’ founders and owners – Molly Chester. Molly Chester not only helped found Apricot Lane Farms with her husband John, she was also a traditional foods private chef, is releasing her own cookbook “The Traditional Foods Cookbook“, and can ride a horse (pictured right).

This was the first time anyone on the EBC crew had ever brewed with fruit – we never ventured into it when homebrewing. But when the opportunity came along to partner with another local Moorpark business we couldn’t pass it up. We had a great time brewing it – and Molly, John and Mallory from the farm even stopped by to help out.

It started unlike any other brew – traveling to a farm to pick oranges the weekend before the brew. We had a blast and almost wish all brew days started like this.

The following Sunday we started the brew. The first step was to wash each and every orange carefully with love and playfulness. Matt took care of that will skill and ease.
Giving the oranges some love

Giving the oranges some love

Playing with the oranges

Playing with the oranges

We couldn’t simply add the whole oranges to the brew. So Brie suited up in her brewniform, brought her cooking gear down to the brewery, and sliced, diced and chopped up the oranges in preparation for the brew.

The last unique step in the orange brew process was to add the chopped oranges to the kettle during whirlpool. Luckily the farm stopped by to help us with this delicate process.

What we ended up with was a delicious traditional American Wheat Ale with a delicious orange flavor that really highlights the locally grown oranges.

On tap starting Friday October 4th – we only brewed 60 gallons of this beer so stop on by before it’s too late. And with the small size, so everyone gets a change to try the brew, growler fills will not be available.

Apricot Lane Farms was founded in Moorpark in 2011. It is uniquely a bio-dynamic farm – meaning they try to mimic nature in their farming to create a fully sustainable farm. The foods raised and grown on their farm are nurtured without the use of pesticides, soy, hormones or other chemical inputs. Be sure to check them out at

Beer Release: Nick Brown Porter

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Some of you may have noticed a new face helping around the brewery. You might have thought it was Matt with improved beard growing skills, but it was in fact our new and first employee, Nick Brown.


Nick Brown drinking a Nick Brown Porter

We’re so excited to have Nick and his beard join our crew we brewed a special Brown Porter, aptly named Nick Brown Porter, to celebrate! (Or, we tried to brew a Baltic Porter and came out with a Brown Porter and took it as a sign that we needed to release a special brew commemorating Nick). This one time release brew will be on tap at the brewery starting this Friday where Nick will be on hand for a cheers to welcome him to the brewery.

Nick’s primary role around the brewery is to clean tap lines and deliver beer to all the bars we are at. With our increased capacity, this allows us to get into even more bars around the area. He’s super excited to get into the brewery business and as such will be also helping us out around the tasting room and assisting in the brew process when necessary. So when you see him, be sure to say hi.

October 2013 Tasting Room Events

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

We’ve got some great events lined up at the tasting room this month!

Every Wednesday Night (Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th):Custom Pie Delivery
Custom Pie is delivering pizza to the brewery at 6:30 and 7:30 every Wednesday in October. You can order at least 30 minutes ahead of time at the brewery or call them directly and let them know it’s for the brewery delivery.

October 5th: EBC Oktoberfest
After the Moorpark Country Days Parade the EBC Crew will march on over to celebrate Oktoberfest at the brewery. Disgustingly Delicious, the new coffee shop & eatery in Moorpark, will be on hand serving German food and we’re releasing our second fall seasonal, the Last Days of Braun Brown Ale.

October 13th: Christopher Columbus Hop Project
To celebrate Christopher Columbus Day (Oct 14th), EBC is releasing a 10 gallon batch of Christopher Columbus Hop Project – Protector aged on Columbus Hops.

October 18th: Discount Cask Night
$2 cask pours from 6pm to 9pm or until the cask runs dry.

October 26th: Customer Appreciation Day
To show our appreciation to all of our customers, the EBC crew is going to order pizzas from Custom Pie to be delivered to the brewery at Noon. Pizza will be free and on a first come first serve basis. Discount pints and growler fills are also available.

Stay tuned to the blog and our events page for more details on each upcoming event.

EBC Crew

Foliage is Back on Tap

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Enegren Brewing Foliage Pale Ale

The first day of Autumn may be a week away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the season a wee bit early at the brewery. Starting this Friday we’re releasing our Fall Seasonal Foliage Pale Ale.

Foliage is an annual favorite – orange in color with sweet toffee, caramel & malty flavors complimented by clean citrus bitterness and aroma.

Swing by the brewery and come celebrate!

Event Recap: Two Year Anniversary

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Thanks to everyone who made our second year anniversary a great success! We had a lot of fun, and we hope you did as well.

The event started a few days early Thursday, August 1st with a beer dinner at Cafe Firenze. The food they prepared to pair with our beer was absolutely amazing! A big thanks to Cafe Firenze for hosting us and to everyone who came out to the event. If you didn’t get a chance to come celebrate with us at this event, stay tuned as we hope to have some similar events throughout the year. But for now, check out these pictures from the event (thanks to Shane May for the pics):

And now onto the main event – our Second Year Anniversary Celebration at the brewery on Saturday August 3rd. Taking a cue from last year’s incredible turn out, we added a second bar and streamlined our beer serving. Though there was still a bit of a line for beer, things went a lot more smoothly this year. Thank you all for being such great customers during this packed event – it just goes to show that beer drinkers are some of the best people in the world.

As many of you also know, it was our first time ever selling bottled beer at the brewery – previously we’ve only ever sold growlers. This went amazingly well, and much to our surprise, they were fun to bottle. Because of this, we’re excited to announce that over the next year we’ll be bottling more of our bigger beers, like barrel aged brews, Barleywines, etc., that aren’t suited for growlers.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate with us on Thursday and Saturday. We’re really looking forward to this next year with increased barrel aged beer releases, expanding into more local bars, and putting together plans for a bigger brewery!

Photo Time

EVENT: EBC Summerfest 2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Celebrate the first full week of summer in style at the brewery on Saturday June 29th between 12 & 6pm. To commemorate summer, we’re releasing our Imperial Roggen Weizen – Langsamweizen – as our second summer seasonal and Custom Melt is setting up their tent again to serve summer themed food to pair with our summer beer lineup.

  • When: Saturday June 29th from 12-6pm
  • Where: Enegren Brewing Company Tasting Room
  • What: Custom Melt and Langsamweizen Imperial Roggen Weizen Release

imperial roggen weizenYou might remember seeing this beer briefly back in February when we released a small test batch of the brew. Since the beer was so well received, and loved by the brewers themselves, the EBC crew decided to brew this beer as our official 2013 second summer seasonal. As such, unlike last time we brewed this batch, growlers are available.

In addition to the Roggen Weizen release – Custom Melt will be serving summer themed food all event. Available from 12 – 6, each item is designed to be enjoyed with one of our summer ales in hand.

  • BBQ Sliders – Enjoy with Captain’s Summer Session
  • Philly Cheese Dog – Enjoy with Langsamweizen or Captain’s Summer
  • Candied Lemon Bread Pudding

We look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate EBC Summerfest 2013.

Captain’s Summer Session is Back

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

We’re excited to announce three things are happening this Friday, June 21st:

  1. The re-release of our summer seasonal, Captain’s Summer Session.
  2. $9 keep the glass night from 6pm – 9pm with Captain’s Summer Session.
  3. Permanently changing our Friday opening time from 7pm to 6pm.

So celebrate the summer solstice in style at the brewery this Friday between 6pm & 9pm with a keep the glass special and the release of Captain’s Summer Session. And be sure to remember our new expanded Friday hours of 6pm – 9pm.


Christening Heidi

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Back in mid-March we picked up a new bright tank from Ladyface Brewery as part of our brewery expansion. It was named “Tax Determination Tank #2”. We needed to fill it with our 2nd year anniversary ale, but as you may know, all tanks at the brewery must be named after ladies in German drinking songs (or at the very least a ladies name) – otherwise it is bad luck.


Renaming a fermentor is not a simple task. First all traces of the old fermentor name have to be removed from our records. Second, the old fermentor name needs to be purged from existence. And lastly, the fermentor needs to be renamed and christened in preparation for the beer.

We were sure to perform this procedure at night while we were closed. If one false word was uttered, things could go very wrong – Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant opening wrong.


First step was to remove all traces of the old name from our records. This included deleting the name from our fermentation gantt chart.



Then removing the name from our fermentation control panel.


And finally erasing of the name on the bright tank itself.


Fog began to roll across the brewery as we prepared our final speech to remove the last of the old name. Captain Chris’ bosun’s whistle rang clear through the night.


And on cue, Brie delivered a speech that will long be remembered for those few brewery personnel there on that foggy night.

Oh mighty ruler of the fermented fruits of the barley, to whom all men and machines who venture upon your vast domain are required to pay homage, implore you in your graciousness to expunge for all time from your records and recollection the name “Tax Determination Tank #2” which has ceased to be an entity in your kingdom.

As proof thereof, we submit this burning symbol of this vessel’s previous name.


Pause was given to light the last symbol of the old tank aflame to burn into embers atop the trench drain.




As the flames died down, Brie started up again.

We give thanks to Ladyface Ale Company who served with this beautiful vessel in the past and kept her clean and free from the horrors of beer stone and mineral deposits.

May the purging of this name from the ledgers of the deep bring forth a new beginning for this glorious vessel and a bright future for her new deployment as a bright tank in the Enegren Brewing Company.

And with the old tank name purged from existence – it was time to rename the tank. First we carefully applied her name.


And then, with all the usual pomp and circumstance with a new tank we began the christening.

Dear Lord,

We ask you for your blessing of this bright tank. May her glycol jackets cool efficiently, her ports seal tightly and her gauges read true. May all brewers who serve on her go unharmed by the perils of craft beer and may you bless this glorious vessel and give her the strength to carry the Enegren Brewing Company onward and upward.



And so, after the breaking of the beer bottle on our new tank Heidi, she now embarks on her continuing mission to brew new beers and boldly go where no fermentor has gone before.